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12 Landing Page Video Practices to Praise in 2022

You have got 7 SECONDS to ensure your landing page video is influencing visitors to your website in a productive way.

By these 7 seconds, you must be able to fetch the attention of your customers. If you do not make it, chances are that your customers are not going to give a thumbs up to your website.

According to SEO practices, using video or short films is making an impact in the realm of digital marketing.

If you can implement this strategy effectively on the landing page of your website, chances are you can make a good difference in marketing your brand and in producing a long-lasting effect in the minds of your visitors and customers.

With that being said, we can now move on to strengthen this strategy more.

Reading this blog might help you with that.

  • Here Are Some Interesting Landing Page Video Tips for 2022

Let’s suppose you have got a book on direct lender loans without a guarantor.

Then you have got a website where a landing page video explains the same content found in that book.

Which one will you choose?

You will surely say that you will choose the video because it is not as ‘bookishly boring’ as the book and that it is more interesting due to the presentation qualities.

But think again!

A video made from a book is obviously going to consume a few hours. Will you find that video to be useful then?

Definitely not!

Let’s bring for you some more statistics as found on the website of kleinboost that we are still drawn to traditional storytelling. We might find digital media interesting but we tend to lose focus on it quite easily. In traditional storytelling, our attention span takes a high curve in the graph with time. This is inverted in the digital media.

Does it mean there will be no landing page videos on your website from now on?

Don’t worry.

You have invested a lot of effort in making the best landing page video.

All this labour is not going to go in vain.

Just be more SPECIFIC in making your videos work!

Going through these following points will help you be in tune with modern practices of landing page video making and use.

  1. Reduce Loading Time by Compressing a Video
  2. Script It
  3. You Can Cut out the surrounding Text
  4. Short Videos May Have Long Impact
  5. Do You Really Need Autoplay?
  6. Using the Video above the Fold
  7. The Purpose of the Video Is Teaching More and Selling Less
  8. But You Need a Strong CTA too!
  9. Is Your Video Impactful in the First 3 Seconds?
  10. Optimise It for SEO As Well
  11. What Video Style Is Preferred by Your Target Market?
  12. Displaying Video in the Background Might Work
  • To Conclude: Cinematic Videos Will Work Even More!

Trying to know more about these points will probably do us some good.

1. Reduce Loading Time by Compressing a Video

The longer your video will take for loading, the more bored your viewers are going to get with it.

You can fix this problem by compressing the video in a low resolution (not too low of course).

Using media player applications such as VLC Media Player will automatically help the video lower the resolution in order to reduce loading time. If you are still doubtful, then check out that loading speed by Google’s Speed Test.

2. Script It

Scripting your video before making or shooting it not only adds that cinematic charisma to the content.

But it also keeps the content organised and precise in delivery

In the process of scripting a video before creating it, you will also get to revise the content and your statements.

It is a good practice. Use it.

3. You Can Cut out the Surrounding Text

A test by Diana Urban from Hubspot stated that landing page videos without a navigation bar got a higher conversion rate than those with the navigation bar.

This means that people want an uninterrupted experience while watching a video on the landing page

Want to make it more interruption-free? Then remove those annoying surrounding texts.

4. Short Videos May Have Long Impact

It is great if you have used an explainer video, where you are speaking for 15 minutes straight about your products.

According to studies and surveys, that strategy is not going to work because people easily get bored online.

Rather, keep those videos below a minute…say around 45 to 50 seconds long.

5. Do You Really Need Autoplay?

Using Autoplay is going to drive your viewers’ attention more towards what you have to offer them because it immediately engages them with the content they are looking for.


People are rather irritated when Autoplay is turned on.

Some viewers still vote for the autoplay option.

What you can do in this case is you can test it for different regions and specific audience groups or communities. Then use autoplay as a custom setup on your website.

6. Using the Video above the Fold

It doesn’t mean that you have to follow this method.

But it has a psychological significance.

It is reported that people are more likely to watch a video when it is placed above the fold.

Go ahead and use it. It is not going to make much difference, is it?

7. The Purpose of the Video Is Teaching More and Selling Less

Admit it. Advertisement videos only focused on sales are rather boring to watch.

Instead, try using some useful content to tell your viewers interesting facts about your products.

That will actually make the sales. People require information to make buying decisions, right?

8. But You Need a Strong CTA too!

Teaching and sharing data is a good way to make an impressive landing page video.

But you also have to make viewers get closer o generating leads, right?

To do that, use some CTA (Call to Action) strategies in the video like filling up an application form.

9. Is Your Video Impactful in the First 3 Seconds?

Puresive Films state that the first 3 seconds of a video, that is impactful will retain the attention of viewers for the 10 seconds. As a matter of fact, 45% of viewers are likely to watch that video for 30 seconds.

All you need to do is to make your video stand out. Your presentation needs to be unique and your content should bear the exact information people are looking for…nothing more and nothing less.

You might take the help of these following steps:

  • Make a landing page video introduction the most engaging by using exceptional sentences.
  • Create an interesting video by showcasing your product in different ways.
  • Go directly to the tutorial, explaining your product.
  • Solve problems.

You see there are umpteenth numbers of ways to make your video the most interesting one. For that, study your customers before creating it.

10. Optimise It for SEO As Well

In the Internet, the video is the most widely consumed media all over the world.

You can understand the power of video and video marketing, right?

In order to get better results, you can make your landing page video similar to the content you share in order to help Google or any other search engine rank your website in the first position on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

11. What Video Style Is Preferred by Your Target Market?

Maybe your viewers in a region like to watch video reviews.

Or they might prefer videos that have great storytelling.

Probably your brand’s trade needs some sort of silent videos with subtitles.

Video marketing statistics have shared an interesting fact. It is that people nowadays like to watch videos that are devoid of sound.

They accept subtitles more than spoken words. It is also true that viewers require storytelling in the background of a video and will find it more comforting if the content is visual without bearing sound.

Find out with advanced analysis what your customers want and then make your video accordingly.

12. Displaying Video in the Background Might Work

This is not for all businesses.

In case you are a business that needs some form of visual communication more than other niches, then running a video in the background of your landing page may seem attractive.

You might check the work of Vimeo in this regard.

  • To Conclude: Cinematic Videos Will Work Even More!

People are into web streaming and short films and whatnot.

Even vloggers are making informative videos cinematic.

Besides, making such a video these days is easy.

So, transform your landing page video into a cinematic one. You can also go for making short films. If you need the money though, then let us, the team of QuickLoansLender, manage it for you through loans.

Are you ready then?

Step 1: Create a video.

Step 2: Make a difference.

Step4: Sell your products.

Enjoy yourself!