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4 Crucial Tips to Use Instagram for Your Business

You are slipping up if you have an online business and your social media marketing strategy does not include Instagram. It has become one of the hottest social media platforms. In fact, it seems to have taken over Facebook in the business world, although the latter also has millions of users.

When you hear about posting on social media, you plunge into posting and expect immediate results. Though posting is vital to keep your followers engaged, you cannot do it without an effective strategy.

Many entrepreneurs still find it worthless, but it will let you garner the presence of people to emerge yourself as a brand. Before you know tips to promote your business on Instagram, you must know why it is an important platform.

You will gain exposure. Since millions of people use Instagram, you will likely reach out to as many people as possible. Further, it is a gender-neutral social networking site, with about 51% females and 49% males.

This helps you connect with both segments of your target audience. Since billions of people use this platform, you can be sure about the fact that you are reaching a large group of people.

Ways to promote your brand on Instagram

Here are the tips to follow to promote a brand in your business. These tips will not require you to spend even a dime.

1. Post captivating content

Believe it or not, content is the king of drawing the attention of your users. Promoting high-quality posts on any social media platforms you use to promote your business is vital. Images you share with your target audience must be top-notch.

You can create stories as well. Of course, your posts will be related to products and services you are selling, but it does not mean that you just keep posting around the features and benefits. You can think beyond that to provide information to your users.

For instance, if you are an online lender and offer small loans like doorstep loans and loans for the unemployed from a direct lender, you can create a post on questions you should ask at the time of applying for these loans instead of just boring your audience with promoting features and benefits.

You should analyse what your competitors post and how their followers respond to them. You can get an idea from the promotional approach of your competitors and then introduce changes in your strategy to attract your target audience.

It is crucial to track how your users are interacting with your posts constantly. If you see the number of views declining, you should immediately understand that your posts are not appealing to them.

2. Use the ‘ask a question’ option

Several factors are there that contribute to the growth of your Instagram account, and one of the best ways is to use the ‘ask a question option. Using this option means you are inviting your followers to ask you a question.

This is two-way communication, so it increases engagement. Your users will likely know what you may not have mentioned in your post. However, this feature will be helpful only when you have some followers.

Brand visibility will improve by using this option as more and more people will be keen to interact with you to know more about your products and services.

3. Post at the right time

Even if your posts are more engaging than your competitors, they will unlikely produce results if the time for posting is not correct. You are promoting your account, which means you want more and more followers to look at your posts, but this is possible only when you upload posts at the right time.

The right time varies by the type of business, your target audience, and other factors; therefore, you will have to decide on it deliberately. For instance, if your target audience is professionals, their commute time will be the best time for posting.

They will be busy doing their work for the rest of the day, and after returning home, they will prefer to rest over-read Instagram posts.

However, if you are targeting mothers of young children, the best time for posting will be late morning when they have dropped off their children at school and completed household chores.

Do an experiment to analyse which time is the best for your target audience. You can use analytics to track it. You will likely need to pay for using advanced features. You can borrow in case of a shortage of cash.

However, try to borrow money from a reputed online lender like r,QuickLoansLende which lends money at affordable interest rates. You are still suggested to do proper research, so you choose the best deal.

4. Use Instagram Live

The Instagram live session can increase engagement with your followers. However, it is crucial to let them know when you are going to be Live. Note that you do not have to promote the features and benefits of your products during the live session as you have been doing other rimes as well.

To boost the number of viewers, you need to provide them with some authentic and useful information. For instance, you can demonstrate something that is not possible to tell through regular posts.

For instance, if you are a financial lender, you can make use of the live session to tell them about some useful tips for borrowing money at affordable interest rates. It is intrinsic to conduct live sessions because they build trust in your users.

As they know whose face is behind your brand, they will likely trust what you say through your posts. It also increases engagement as it is a sort of different way to reach out to the followers.

The bottom line

Instagram has become the best platform to promote your business. Billions of users are present on this platform, so you cannot ignore utilising it.

Promoting your business on Instagram is not expensive at all. In fact, the tips as mentioned earlier can help promote your brand without incurring any cost.