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7 Typing Jobs to Make Money While Working from Home

Data entry or typing jobs are among the most sought-after part-time work in the professional environment. Students, housewives, and retired people are actively looking for the opportunity to make money at home. However, it is not easy to get a typing gig unless you know the different industry roles that suit your profile.

Yes, the typing jobs are not the same in every office or industry. The roles differ from each other based on the type of content and requirement of the client. Thus, typing is an exciting career option if you have a passion for the subject while making a living.

Cost of Setup for a Typing Job at Home

You don’t need a fancy college degree to get a job as a data entry specialist in the industry. The knowledge of computers and the language with enough typing speed is the required skill set for the job. Therefore, the training and course will not cost much to make yourself eligible for the job.

However, the work from home jobs will require an office set up inside your house without distractions. Some employers provide resources to their employees, such as computers and software suites. Nevertheless, you can take out bad credit loans with guaranteed approval from direct lenders for the setup.

Types of Typing Jobs from Home

Businesses require different types of data entry professionals to manage their operations. It includes the basic typing from a pdf file to more creative content writing. Based on the different requirements, here are the types of data entry jobs available for work from home.

  1. Regular Data Entry Jobs

Regular data entry job includes the entry to the word file or an excel sheet from some kind of source. You need good reading and writing skills to enter the data with maximum accuracy. You may not earn much, but the job will not put unnecessary stress on your mind and body.

If you know the computer well, you can also find a word processor or typist job. It includes creating letters, reports, and emails for professional communication. Moreover, you can apply for a data cleansing job that requires data correction to get a better paycheque.

  1. Online Data Entry Jobs

As the name suggests, online data entry jobs require a working internet connection to fill data online. The business may offer some online surveys to get your valuable feedback as the targeted audience of some multinational companies. It will take only a few minutes to answer the questions of these surveys.

You can also fill the questionnaire provided by the businesses themselves. The online form filling asks the data entry specialist to manage numerous forms with correct entry to each field. It is a demanding job since inaccurate information can cause chaos for the client.

  1. Writing Jobs

Writing is a great career option if you have the creative skills and knowledge of the language. Businesses are aware of the importance of content marketing strategies for their online presence. Therefore, there is a huge demand for writers in the market from different industries.

You can make considerable income from the clients as a freelance writer. Though, it will require some initial investment to create an online presence with a professional-looking website and social media handlers. For investment, you can get quick loans in the UK instantly after filling the online application form.

  1. Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are among the less popular in the industry, with very few advertisements in the newspaper section. Also, they are new in the market compared to the other types of data entry gigs. An example of micro-jobs is the captcha entry, where you need to enter data from the images.

Another form of micro job is copying and pasting one file to another after a thorough inspection. You can also get a job in the media house for writing captions and headings. Since the article writers are more than capable of writing them, it is hard to get the role of caption and heading writer.

  1. Data Formatting Jobs

Formatting jobs require the knowledge of the tools such as MS Word or Excel for the candidate. The typing or writing aspect is very small compared to the editing and formatting. The business will send files to you for reformatting and basic correction.

Your employers may ask you to fix the grammatical errors while reformatting the document. Thus, you can add the role of editor to the profile to get better opportunities in the future. However, it will require impeccable knowledge of grammar and writing styles to work as an editor in a business.

  1. Transcription Jobs

Video content is extremely popular on the internet for brands and individuals to create a gigantic audience. Though, the language barrier and problem with the audibility can limit their reach to a specific region or population. The simple solution here is a transcription of the video for the audience to

Moreover, you can write transcription read. For audio files as well. Many brands pay the writers to explain infographics created by their graphic designers. Medical coding is another job that explains the medical.

  1. Data Entry Keyer

The stores are investing their money in online tools to help streamline the operations. It is fairly easy to get a job as a data entry employee in the organisation with the knowledge of CRM and catalogue management tools. You need to enter the accurate product information in the software to reflect it on your website.

Payroll data entry operator is another profile that takes care of the employee details and their allowances. Numerous similar jobs are available that involves entering data into a web-based system for the company.


To sum up, you can make extra money from the spare hours at home with the different data entry jobs. The basic or micro-jobs are not as rewarding as the copywriter and editors. But they are enough to help you manage your financial troubles while working from home.