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Dark days for humanity’s life have come. The world has been severely hit by the virus named COVID-19. And people are scared and suffering fear of death.

A world over pandemic has been occurred with its roots to trace to a Wuhan region in China. The first occurrence and transmission of this deadly virus have been roughly stated from a Bat. It passed it onto another animal which in turn to a human being.

The number of people consuming various kinds of animals and worms in China is absurd and that too in the most unhygienic manner. This alarming pandemic has raised questions on one’s personal as well as overall hygiene levels.

Scientists and doctors are prescribing the world over to take specific measures in terms of hygiene, not to contract this virus.

Global Reaction

The world overlocked on has been implemented to restrict mass gatherings and movements of people to avoid the further occurrence of COVID -19 positive cases.

Companies are already in process to the development of various kinds of testing materials and vaccines to combat this virus.

But it’s stated that it would take a while of around 12 months to craft a vaccine effectively to fight this virus.

As of April 09, 2020, the number of deaths reported due to this virus has been around 900, and the number of positive cases is approximately 60,000.

And this is set to rise as the scare for its transmission is evident.

The world economy has also come to a standstill. Many major markets, including that of the United Kingdom, closed of any trade and commerce.

All this is to affect the economy of the United Kingdom adversely, but as the threat of this virus looms, lockdown action by the regulatory authorities is inevitable.

Prime Minister Mr. Boris Johnson, who tested positive is stable and recovering but is under the strict supervision of doctors in the intensive care unit (ICU).

The health workers and doctors have prescribed the following:

  • Stay at home advisory is in place amongst the lockdown measures
  • No mass gatherings of any form and number are appreciated
  • Cleaning of hands especially with alcohol-based hand sanitizers is highly recommended
  • As well as cleaning of hands with normal soaps for about one minute is also advised.
  • Wearing of good quality of masks is appreciated

People are allowed to step out of their residences only for

  • Buying essentials items
  • For only one form of exercise with or without family
  • Medical emergencies
  • Traveling to and from work when such work cannot be done as work from home

What Financial Authorities are doing?

Additionally, to ease the burden of people who have taken various kinds of credit, the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom has allowed some breather measures.

Temporary Freeze option for three months on credit card, loan repayment and overdrafts amidst this lockdown has been granted.

Additionally, people have the option of availing a pre-arranged overdraft facility of up to 500 pounds at zero interest rates for up to the next three months.

People facing financial crunch can take the help of online lenders offering loans at home at very reasonable interest rates. They will only have to apply at the website of the company, complete the application and the agents of the lenders will visit the houses of borrowers to do all formalities.

The rate of interest is very competitive along with the breathers as given by the FCA. The repayment options are tensile according to the affordability of the borrowers.

Loans for bad credit from direct lenders not only accommodate people with good credit scores but also those having bad credit histories by considering the tough period that the UK is going on.