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Unemployment Days

“The final solution to unemployment is work”

This is quite offending when your employer lays you off. This is a situation when you feel like a fish without water. It even seems scary to imagine. Although we do not want to think about it, the fact is we cannot escape it.

You will be lucky enough if your employer never lays you off or terminates you throughout your life, but life is merciless. As you lose your job, the first thing that pesters you is finances. It becomes arduous to tackle your expenses after losing your steady income source.

However, this raises another concern too. How will you spend your day? You stay productive when you have a job, but what if you lose it? The devil makes work for idle hands, which is why it is paramount that you stay productive even after losing your job.

When I lost my job, I was upset. I had no idea how I would survive unless I landed a new job. Despite spending days finding a new job, I used to stay unproductive. My anxiety and boredom began to eat me up inside. I was getting restless, annoyed and anxious.

I talked to one of my friends who had survived unemployment to take suggestions for dealing with this situation. He recommended starting a blog. I had been handling the marketing and PR department, so I thought of writing on this niche.

I started taking it in my strides

In the beginning, I had no idea of writing. In fact, I never had shown interest in writing. Although my friends and colleagues had always admired my way of expressing my feelings and opinions articulately, I never thought about writing.

Since I had a great knowledge of marketing and PR, I began with these topics. I promoted my blogs on social media and soon the number of people started visiting my blog.

I did not want to get bored of writing on a single niche, which is why I thought of spreading awareness of the best possible ways to deal with unemployment. I found that people face financial challenges after losing their job, so did I.

I got the idea of writing blogs on financial challenges faced during unemployment when I took out quick loans for unemployed to have my car repaired. The first blog I wrote on this niche was “How to make a repayment plan to manage your debts during unemployment”.

Blogging not only helped me stay productive but also helped me generate some income. My writing skills improved, which I added as a skill in my resume. Since employers want to see if you have been produced during unemployment, I showed my blogs.

This not only strengthened my resume but also helped me get a better job. Nowadays employers want to hire multitasking employees, and therefore added writing skills helped me land a job that was not just PR and marketing-centric.

You need to be careful with your finances too

Of course, productivity is one of the main concerns among jobless people, but you cannot ignore taking hold of your finances.

After I lost my job, I created a budget to evaluate the spending trend. Since I had only savings and unemployment benefits to rely on, I cut back on my spending.

Even though you have an emergency cushion, you may face cash shortfalls. Thankfully, a few direct lenders provide the facility of applying for doorstep loans 4 unemployed.

However, make sure that you have a repayment plan to pay off your debt.

The final word

Unemployment phase is tough to withstand not because of lack of funds only, but because of having nothing productive to do. In my opinion, blogging can help you stay away from emotional trauma.