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To earn a livelihood is the most important thing a person can do in his lifetime. A person’s livelihood, his income or his earnings all mean the same and all have the title of being the paramount part of his existence.

From the income that we earn, we can support ourselves and our desires, and when we do that, the purpose of life is almost sorted.

The only way we can make that happen is when we work and have a job.

Because money does not shower on us from the sky, a job becomes mandatory. When we work and work well, we get paid each month.

That payment, the salary that we get is our livelihood, and that is what makes life go by as smoothly as possible, and we enjoy living.

The point that I have made means that a job is at the heart of our happiness and basic survival. So,

What happens when we lose it?

What happens when we are no longer working and no longer making money?

What happens when we are no longer fulfilling the real purpose of our existence?

Admittedly, it cannot bring good results. Inevitably, it would entail only detrimental effects on our life.

It is not entirely wrong to think that, but not entirely true either. Losing a job does not have to mean the end of the world for you and your future. Instead, it could turn the fortunes in your favour.

And here is why.

A Chance to Recuperate

When we are working, we are always occupied with things to do, targets to complete and projected to accomplish.

Working five days a week or more can mean that you are not giving yourself, your mind and body, the kind of attention that it needs. This often leads to many problems in the body and mind.

And when you have no job or as society likes to call it, you are unemployed, the best thing about this scenario is that you have all the time in the world.

During this time, you can recuperate from the exhaustion, the stress and the restlessness of the working life. And from personal experience, I can tell you that it does wonders for your body and soul.

You might be worried about the finances during your unemployment period, but you should not. Government benefits along with guaranteed loans for unemployed can keep your financial situation sorted until the time you get back into the working life.

A Chance to Explore

I’ll explain this one with an example.

If I am into swimming and I have only done swimming as a recreational activity in my life, I would only be good at that.

I I may be better at some other things, but I would not know because I have not allowed myself to try. There could be a possibility that I would have achieved greatness in Tennis over the mediocrity I had in swimming.

But I would never know until I try.

And that is the chance that can only come to you, really go to you when you say goodbye to what you are doing and give yourself the time to explore all the thousands upon thousands of things that can be done.

Now, is there a need for me to say that the time mainly comes when you get fired?

A Chance to Test Yourself

When we keep doing the same thing over and over again, we are bound to experience a point

When our learning curve has stagnated,

When our grasping power has reduced to non-existent;

And when our interest has waned to the disappearance.

In science, this is called the saturation point. And according to this scientific concept, nothing can be added to the substance from here on.

In human terms, this would mean we will become complacent and lacklustre, which is not something any of us wants.

At this point, it is better to start something new and test all your abilities, competencies and skills that you have acquired and make them enhance even more.

Leaving the present job that you have mastered to the point of perfection is the only to do so, and the advancement in your already perfect skillset is the target you have to aim at.

Winding Up

100% guaranteed loans can quickly help in bringing the positive change that you seek. Eliminating exhaustion, knowing your true worth and testing your boundaries is what you will be able to do through the loan, all of which was only possible because of unemployment.

So, can you say that it anything but efficacious?