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Find out if the debt is taking over your life

Feeling disturbed seeing bills piling up? Possibly, you don’t have access to the right amount of cash that is essential to pay off the bills. This is a common story of anyone who is struggling financially.

But the problem arises when you take out debt to manage the sudden cash crunch and fail to pay it back on time. When you fall short to keep up with debt payments, you eventually end up acquiring more debts. This will act as the last nail in the coffin.

Ask yourself if this situation can be avoided? You can prevent debts from racking up simply by curbing expenses. But what if those are substantial payouts? So, getting a justified answer to this would be not easy.

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Your instance might be different from others. But there are potential signs which can definitely inform you in case you possess many debts against your finances.

Don’t mix up your anxiety about finances with grave debt problems. If you are serious about understanding the warning signs, go take a tour of this blog.

How can debt accumulate?

When outstanding payment is not cleared on time, it results in debts. A popular example of it is credit card debt. You can almost purchase whatever you want with a credit card in hand.

But this often makes you forget that ultimately you will be the one to bear the burden of additional cost along with the balance amount. Since it is super convenient to use, people like you indulge in using it incorrectly.

But if you use it wisely, then you can actually get maximum benefits of it. Moreover, if you are spending too much on luxury without referring to your budget, which cannot afford such expenses, you are probably in debt.

How can you read the early signs?

Debt is always associated with stress. But since these occupy a portion of your finances, you cannot ignore them. At times, remaining oblivious to the critical debt situation itself can invite future problems which could be hard to tackle.

You can prevent the situation from becoming worst by paying attention to financial constraints within time. Take note of the warning signs to check if you have got too much debt. This will help you do the needful corrections for better control of finances.

Not having an emergency fund

The main idea behind saving for an emergency fund is to ensure you have a safety net at the hour of crisis. You are not able to manage money for savings is a sign that possibly growing debt is not allowing you to do that. Furthermore, not having a safety cushion can push you towards more critical financial problems.

Making minimum payments on credit cards on a monthly basis

Too much debt also indicates that your budget is not able to accommodate major expenses. Thus, you are left with the option of fulfilling just the minimum amount for payments on credit cards. Paying the least amount will force you to stay in debt for a longer duration. This also hints that you will have to bear the interest rates for months and spend more money on debts.

Too much dependence on credit card

Since a credit card does not need you to deposit cash first and use it later, it is convenient to use at the time of making costly purchases. When you continue to depend on credit cards for every other thing, it is signalling that this is inviting more debts. Besides, keeping up payments to just a bare minimum amount is enough to complicate everything.

Credit card limit is maxed out

Credit cards come with limits set by the card provider. Now, suppose if the limit of the card is exceeded, you can say this is a possible sign of you being in debt. This just shows that you are facing difficulty in handling debts. If you have more than one card that has exceeded the limit, then things are not in your favour any longer.

Paying your bills late

When you are delaying payments of bills, credit cards, other expenses, etc., this must be an alarming sign of growing debt. This is also an indication that you don’t have sufficient cash to cover other payments, and your earnings are already being used in making credit card payments. What is scarier is that late or missed payment can have the direct impact to your credit scores.

Ignorance in checking if you have debt

You already know there is some problem when you are struggling. If you still don’t pay attention despite knowing what is happening, it can drag you to deeper problems. Perhaps, it is because you have a fear to admit that you are trapped in a cycle of debt.

Taking out a cash advance from credit cards

Using credit cards to take out cash advances for payment of necessary disbursements is another sign. You are simply adding up to your debt pile by doing this. There is no point in using one debt to pay off another debt.

Bouncing of checks

The bouncing of checks means you have overdrawn your bank accounts. You are not in a position of managing debt efficiently. Moreover, this points out that you have failed in spending responsibly. As a result, more debt is created.

Facing rejections in getting credit

If the lender has rejected your loan or credit card application or the card provided, this means you are not good at handling payments. Generally, a lender is willing to lend money to someone who shows a history of good financial reputation in making timely repayment. Rejections from lenders point out clearly that you are facing major issues like debt.

The bottom line

If you don’t want to face the consequences of carrying too much debt, you should analyze the early signs that can tell if the debt is out of your control. Act immediately if any of these signs are prevailing in your case. You can prevent the worst impacts of debt if you are able to take action spontaneously.