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How to Pick the Right Time of the Year to Buy a New Car

People head straight to the dealership the moment they reach the down payment goal for the new car. The strong temptation to bring home the vehicle overtake the reasonable mind to wait for the ideal time. The dealership wants to achieve its goals and may provide many special offers if the deadline is on the horizon.

The price of the same vehicle will fluctuate throughout the year. The difference is significant in the overall cost especially if you are looking for car finance with a guarantor. Therefore, it gets important to wait for the special offers for a few more months if you don’t urgently need a car.

How to Get Instant Approval for Car Finance?

Many people avoid the wait for special deals because of the available finance from a lender. The wait for the special offer may end up a waste of time if you don’t get the approval in the future. On the contrary, you will have plenty of options available throughout the year.

Major financial institutions receive thousands of requests during the time dealership unveils special discounts. You will need a near-perfect profile to get approval from them. Even the finance division or partner of the dealership may find them overwhelmed with requests.

Here, you need to find a reliable direct lender to get instant approval on your loan request. They serve the customers with a diverse profile throughout the year because of the smaller customer base. They are your best bet to take out loans for the unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor.

When to Buy a Car for Special Offers

Each dealership set a certain target to achieve within a period to make the desired profit. Even the sales department of the manufacturers keep an eye on the performance of each dealership for various reasons. Therefore, you will find the dealership trying hard to sell the existing fleet during the following times of the year.

  1. End of the Month

End of the month discount is available during every month of the year. This allows the buyers to save money on the purchase even if they want to complete the transaction fast. The reason is mainly the monthly goals of the sales manager.

Though, it will require the need of the dealership representative to get past the current sales number. They receive a healthy commission the next month for the successful completion of the goal. It will help during the negotiation to lower the price and save money for the luxurious seat covers.

  1. Before the Arrival of New Models

The previous models are not available to purchase through official channels once the manufacturers launch a new model. Thus, the dealers will offer heavy discounts on the cars about to get obsolete with the arrival of their newer version. However, the current versions will still serve the purpose to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

The news of a new launch spreads throughout the auto industry a few months before the official release. Dealers are eagerly waiting for the newer models to make a heavy profit from their popularity. Therefore, you can help them emptying the inventory to make additional space.

  1. End of the Day

You don’t have to wait for the special event for days or months to get a discount on your car. It is available daily if you find the right salesmen not losing hope to sell the vehicle throughout the day. They will make every effort to close the deal before you take a step outside the dealership.

Many researchers are calling Money the ideal time to buy a vehicle with a considerable discount. However, the price will increase from Tuesday to achieve the highest throughout the weekend. Target the right day of the week and visit during the closing hours to use the desperation of salesmen to close the final deal of the day.

  1. Black Friday

Most people start to plan for the holidays around black Friday to save and buy the required items. Brands use the time to offer special discounts to reach their goals and outmatch the competitions. The same is true for the automotive industries offering tempting deals on new cars.

You should visit the dealership on Black Friday to check for the discounts. They are already trying to clean the inventory to bring the next year cars, Moreover, you will get a peaceful environment at the dealership in the absence of customers scrolling through the online marketplaces.

  1. End of the Year

The end of the month is a time when the dealership pushes the cars to make space for the new cars. These cars will have a new year mentioned in the documents to increase their value. While the cars from December face troubles to get good deals because of the year mentioned while sharing the details.

Thus, the dealership will try to make the deal sweeter for the customers. They will offer heavy discounts during the last few days or weeks of the year. You should consider buying them if you’re okay with the unreasonable decrease in the resale value.


To sum up, you should wait instead of following the impulse to bring home a vehicle as fast as possible. These special offers can save a significant amount on the overall cost of the loan. Therefore, the repayment will remain easier to manage while keeping a healthy budget to live a comfortable life.