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You are applying for a payday loan? And that too with unemployment? Oh, the situation seems to be quite critical. However, a reason to take a sigh of relief is that through online lending, you can do both together. Yes, you can apply for the payday loans for unemployed by direct lenders to borrow emergency funds with 100% paperless procedures.

The ultimate question comes on the aspect of eligibility. With such a pathetic financial situation, you are always in doubt whether I am eligible to apply or not. Why to keep doubts? Why to keep confusions?

Here is a comparison between the two situations. One is when you are not eligible and one is when you are eligible. Take a look and know if you stand your chance to apply for the loan or not.

Not eligible Eligible
Very poor credit scorers
Worst or very poor credit history is a complicated issue. It in fact relates to further problems like CCJ, bankruptcy etc. For such applicants there are other separate solutions and loan products. Applying to any general loan choice is not possible. Besides, if worst credit score is paired with unemployment, you can understand how impossible it becomes for the lender to even consider the applicant. Money world works on logic and reasons. In such situations, there is almost no reason to approve a loan. However, the other options for very poor credit scorers are always open.
Excellent/Good credit score/Bad credit score if repay capacity is strong
As direct lending is known for its liberal approach, you can apply for payday loans with any credit score. In case of excellent and good, there is no problem. But even bad credit score is not a problem if your capacity to repay the loan is good. Any sort of income – from freelance work, rental income, a small home based business etc. is fine. The lender just wants to be sure that the money given will come back.
Multiple rejections

No lender can take the risk to lend money if you have already received many rejections. If so many other lenders are not able to rely or lend money, how can one trust on you.

With least or no search footprints in recent times

Multiple search footprints tell that you have applied to many lending companies at the same time. This makes you look credit hungry and the lenders avoid your application. Apply to only lender at a time.

Many debts

You are planning to apply for the unemployed payday loans but with many other debts. No, not an advisable thing. Already with no regular income after job loss, you have less creditworthiness. In that case, lenders act reluctant, as they do not want to take any risk.

Applicants with need of a small amount

You cannot apply to a payday loan lender for a huge amount. Only for a small need of money, you can do that. The payday loans are designed to serve instant, last minute needs. No big purpose can be solved with these loans. For that, you need to approach to the long-term options like guaranteed loans for unemployed.

Less the 18 years

The loan amount in payday is small but due to high interest rate, it is a big responsibility. Anyone who is less than this age cannot apply for the loan. But if you are 18, you can even if you are a student. However, the ultimate condition to prove repayment capacity is there always.

No income source but appointment letter of new job

May be you are jobless and have no source of income to show. However, if you have attained the appointment letter of the new job, you can apply for the payday loans. This is because, the lender has the surety that now you will start earning and repayments will not be a problem.

People with no UK citizenship

This is in fact applicable it all types of loans. Whether it is about banks or private lenders, you need to have the citizenship in the UK. Small loan or big loan, rules are same for all.

People on unemployment benefits

Not all lenders are reluctant towards the unemployed people who are living on benefits. Some payday lending companies offer funds despite this. They consider the ‘money from benefit’ as the income.

The above points can help you send a flawless application, as you are now aware of the eligibility dos and don’ts. Informed financial decisions are always confident and correct. Agree?