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Maximum people think of the relativity of making money with that of money ordinance. Most people are not familiar with the fact that if you have no money, it can become the power of a poor person. This, we will understand by taking an example of a real-life story.

Sometimes, having no money can be a boon. Imagine you have a dark complexion and you were born in the country of white people, your only own people are your mother and hold only 200 pounds. Can you make something big with that money or achieve something? We all fall into fear with these things, but this is the real story of Daymond John.

When Daymond Jones was just 20 years old, his parents got divorced, and he had only his mother. He knew that he had to take responsibility at a very young age. At the age of 10, he used to circulate the pamphlets of the shopkeepers. He was not good at studies, and he thought that he was a duffer.

Pursue an interest

Later he found that he was suffering from Dyslexia. His mother told him that if he is not good at studying, he would have to live with something else. This is the reason; he had to work as a waiter.

One day, he comes across a cap and though some more people want to have that cap. He had only 200 pounds as savings. He bought a cheap cloth from the market and stitched 80 caps with hand practice; he sold the caps at the rate of 40 pounds and earned 3200 pounds.

He was impressed with these achievements and thought that this might work for him, which was possible. He did not wait for another moment. On the same day, he bought more clothes from the market and knitted more caps. Gradually he found his interest in this business.

Approach for a full fledged business move

He was very confident that he could design or prepare clothes for the people like him, which led him to think about opening a full-fledged fashion store. This was not applicable as he was with no money, but he had his mother. The mother and son decided that they will place their house on the mortgage to pursue their dreams.

They opened a brand named FUBU, the acronym for For Us By Us. John knew that his brand must require publicity to make his brand famous. He had no money. If he had money, he would have wasted that money in publicity.

He would request the celebrities to wear his shirts in their concerts or their music videos. Many people would have denied his proposals while few people were agreed to him. The interesting fact was that after the concert would end successfully, he asked the celebrities to return the shirt as he had no new shirts.

Within a few years, his brand came into existence, and people started considering his brand a big one. People yet were not aware of the thing is that the owner of the brand was still working as a waiter. When he was satisfied with the performance of his brand, he then quit his job.

He proved that if a person has no money, but still he can manage the terms and conditions to build his dreams. Let us know what suggestions his life’s example is laying out for all dreamers.

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Think big because age or money does not matter

  • When you think for the big, you can make for the things which will work for you apparently with all senses.
  • You have to be a procured minded person, and there is no conformity with the traditional nuisance. You have to build a thing according to your perspective and rely on your capacity.
  • When you think for more, you can achieve in an equal amount, and there will be a lot of pathways working or going in the direction where you want to thrift your moves.
  • The variable of working for the moderations with the dreams and with the actual size of internal and external transformation can lead to the extreme level of wealth.

Remember your disadvantage will become your asset in future

  • You see difficulty in a thing and do not consider leaving it, and then this will become a boon for you. Let us take an example of a boy who was with no money but rich with the mind. He scores good marks in school but had no money for further studies.
  • He was sure that he would get a scholarship that can allow him to continue with his studies though he had no idea regarding the eligibility for a type of scholarship. Even he had no access to computers and the internet. He visited the library where he could access the computer for half an hour.
  • In short, neither he had the money nor a scholarship. Perhaps he used to visit the library and revise the data for scholarships. He applied for all types of scholarship, whether he finds himself eligible there or not.
  • Although this is the power of poor people, you make huge efforts to acquire them when you have nothing. Rich people do not have this power. This is why it becomes a boon for poor people.


In this blog, we have seen that there are two types of poverty. One kind of poverty describes the person with the scarcity of money that can advantage the poor. The other type of poverty is of mind. They tend to procrastinate. This poverty can be found in the middle class or upper-class people.

A poor person gets rejection all the time in all directions, but when he gets the opportunity, be it right or not suitable, he grabs it.