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Gone are the days of conventional marketing and trade promotions schemes to lure customers. We are in the internet revolution era where every company is has a social presence since they know their customers and potential customers are already there. Also, digital marketing and promotions are the best and a pocket-friendly way to reach out to them in any country across the world.

This digital era knows no boundaries that exist between your brand and your audience. Companies of late have been increasing their digital marketing budget and investing heavily in building their brand for customers to visit their website.

The UK leads the list of being the top spender in online advertising in Europe and third largest in the world with £1.35 billion expenditure in 2019. And it is growing at such an unprecedented pace that today the UK has the highest online advertising expenditure with 0.64% of their GDP, according to research. If you’re a start-up who is short of funds to spend on social media campaigns, then you can apply for 100% guaranteed loans offered by many direct lenders even if your credit history is sub-substandard.

Now that you know about the importance of digital promotions, let’s get to see how you can ace in this online game. This blog will introduce you to some of the critical strategies and nuances, which will help you in promoting your business on digital platforms. Here it goes:

Do You Have An Attractive Website?

Bill Gates once said, “If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.” Looks matter, after all, what appears to be an eye-candy cannot be ignored. Your website should be appealing to visitors for them to stay there and see your products and services. An attractive home page with all the necessary information is the first hook that holds the visitor on your website to see what all he can get.

The home page should be your landing page, and it should be designed in such a way that it creates value for your potential customers. You should keep experimenting with the design of your website regularly to maintain freshness and analyse which design gave you the maximum call to action (CTA).

Your website is a virtual store and then what one sees is what he buys. So, showcase your exclusive collection and merchandise upfront for visitors to explore more. Change is the only constant, and thus you also should keep changing your website’s font, graphics, design, pages, information, content to make it more relevant and trendier.

Make sure to work on user experience (UX) for your website to be user friendly, lighting fast providing information super quick with minimal downtime. Invest heavily on your website, search for doorstep loans near me section on lending platforms. A good website can bring you more traffic and subsequently more business which will also enhance your brand equity.

SEO Is Still The Key!!

This aspect of Search Engine Optimisation just cannot be ignored when you are thinking of doing promotions online. Imagine your website appears on the 50th page on Google search, then who will be able to see it?

According to a study, no person goes beyond the third or fourth page in the Google search results. Thus, you must make sure that your website is on the top of the search results to get more traffic by using the right keywords used by people searching online.

In this internet era where buyers have so many options with lack of time and short attention spans, they don’t check more than 2-3 top websites in the search results. It can get very costly by investing in SEO measures, and the desired results also take a few months. However, it is worth putting that investment considering the returns on your investment.

If you don’t have consistent cashflows, then you can easily opt for 100% guaranteed loans to finance the SEO expenditure. This is an investment that pays in the medium to long run, so start investing early on this aspect of promotions. The bottom line here is, your online promotion is successful only when you attract website traffic, and that is only possible when your business appears on the top of the search result.

Target The Right Digital Platforms

It is advised by many marketers and advertising companies that you should be present on every possible social media channel where your audience is. Social media is not a place where you find only millennials posting their pictures; it is an eclectic community where brands interact with their customers and target audience.

The key is to find the right social media channels for your promotions. Keep posting some content about your new offerings, create a buzz about any upcoming festive season sale, hear about what your customers want etc.

Use hashtags in all your posts to describe people what you’re projecting so that they can find you easily. Create unique content in the form of videos, GIFs, memes, infographics, photos instead of the conventional way of putting up verbose blogs.

If you are into B2B selling and your target audience includes businesses and corporate professionals or institutions, then prefer LinkedIn in your promotional strategy. If your target audience involves youth, millennials, or anyone who uses the internet, then Facebook is the right platform for your business promotions.

According to a statistic, 79% of the people on the internet use Facebook and 76% out there use Facebook daily. Where else will you get such a diverse and broad audience to pitch your products and services?

Create an official business page with your company’s logo on Facebook and build your connections. Instagram has become a hotspot for businesses these days, whose customer segment are millennials, brands are using hashtags and interacting with everyone. Other digital medium options for you to explore are YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Email Marketing For Personalization

Email marketing as a tool for promotions are not at all obsolete in the current era of social media marketing. Everyone feels good when people remember small details about them.

You can maintain a repository of data of your loyal customers about their important days like their birthdays, anniversaries, the date when they became your customers etc. You can always send them a personalised email with a discount coupon wishing them on these critical days. This is personalised marketing, and you should know everything about your customers. This will also help you in your upselling and cross-selling efforts.

You can pitch your latest products or merchandise in that email for them to check out. You can send them weekly or monthly emails with newsletters and some interesting insights in their interest areas. Even today, 75% of companies agree that email promotions can provide an excellent return on investment.

To kickstart your digital promotions, you can opt for email marketing before going all guns blazing on every social media channel.

Social Monitoring & Social Listening

You are levering the digital channels for your promotions, to communicate to your audience and to pitch your offerings. However, always remember that this communication should not be one way. You, as the business, should also listen to what your customers want from you. You should observe what your customers and prospects are searching for online.

What problems are they currently facing and how you can solve them with your products and services? Read all the customer feedback and comments on your website and politely reply to them. Apologise on a bad review or comment, appreciate the praises. There are many tools as well available online like Sprout Social, HubSpot, or Hootsuite for social listening which you can use.

You should also track what your competitors are doing and how you can do it efficiently and differently. Actively listen to what your customers are saying and writing about your brand on the internet.

If your services are top-notch, then your customers will promote your brand online, which is the word of mouth marketing that will bring your more customers. Your happy customers talking about you online is a promotion in itself. You might belong to whatever the businesss, “Customer is the King”, never forget that.