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Money is important when it is about the smile of your loved ones

Christmas is one of the most celebrated events among the Christian fraternity. The celebration dots minuscule events such as gift shopping, gift-giving, goodwill greetings, midnight mass, other church services, meals, preparations for the arrival of Christmas gift-bringers, and much more. You can either be the participant to each of these events, or you become the host. If you are the host of any event to the Christmas, what really matters is the cash credit. In case of the absence of cash credit, you settle for Christmas Loan.

Quick Loans Lender is among the league of innovative lenders in the UK. We offer the season's most illuminated and customised lending service to help borrowers find the fresh deals on Christmas Loans. Most importantly, the available loan offers are above the stereotypes of a lending market that stops from lending people on benefits.

We are the perfect choice under immediate needs. Come to us and borrow through emergency Christmas loans but also give advice to them on various financial matters. Christmas Loans offered by us are categorised under short-term loans, which means the credit borrowers will have cash credit repayment tenure adjusted between 3 and 6 months.

While you relax we fix your problems

You do not need to be physically present to get the funds. We understand how busy you are and it is not easy to find time for the bulky, lingering loan procedures. Also, your fear of annoying documentation procedures is not unknown to us. We provide funds through only online procedures that give you a stress-free and mess-free experience.

Irrespective of Credit score status

Did you know that funds can be availed despite your bad credit situation? If not, then you should know. We provide the loans despite bad credit rating. Our Christmas loans for bad credit can be the back-up when you need funds to spend on the shopping list for the festival.

The facilities we provide to poor credit scores are –

  • More relaxation in rates if the bad credit situation is not consistent
  • No extra fee to compensate the poor credit score situation
  • No credit check to prevent search footprint
Christmas Loans - Irrespective of Credit score status

Irrespective of Employment Status

Not only employed or self-employed but also the unemployed has the right to borrow funds. Through the special short term Christmas loans for unemployed, you can borrow funds ACTUALLY. The only concern is to prove your repayment capacity from any possible source and take funds SMOOTHLY.

You need to provide the following -

NOTE – Whatever is your credit score status or employment status, you can borrow if you prove the repayment capacity. People living on any type of Government help can also apply through the Christmas loans on benefits.

Low-Interest Rates and Lowest APRs with Guaranteed Approval

We celebrate the spirit of Christmas and Christian season by offering attractive interest rates and APRs Also, once you prove the capacity to repay, the approval is an assured thing to come. We ensure a fair loan, just to make sure that the prospective borrowers participate in the events with jubilations. The short term guaranteed Christmas loans offered by us, specifically means to embark the idea as well as the sentiments of Christmas.

No Guarantor Required

The Christmas season is ripe, and with that, our offers on No Guarantor Christmas Loans come in an innovative package and assured festive offers. The package is customised and facilitate affordable deals. We want you to party and jingle with a soul full of zeal. The offers on the loans are listed directly by us.

Promising Guarantees on Short Term Christmas Loans

We have rich lending experience on short term Christmas Loans. We are experienced and established lenders, offering low-cost Xmas loans and more excitement- all of which eventually sums up saying – Merry Christmas.


How soon I can get Christmas Loans?

This depends on the platform you choose to borrow money. The online lenders are faster in providing funds and you may even get the money on the same day. The Christmas loans are available on instant approval decision and thus the funds to reach to you on the right time. However, to tell you the precise time, at maximum you get the money by the next day. Some lenders like Quick Loans Lender work on bank holidays too.

How much can I borrow through Christmas Loans?

The loan amount depends on your own affordability but there are a minimum and maximum value. The common least limit is - £1000 and the last limit is £5000, this is why the loans are also called as the short-term Christmas loans. But don’t forget, this may change from lender to lender. You may get lesser and more than this limit. Just forget not to keep your repayment capacity strong. In that case, whatever amount you apply for, approval can come easily.

What do I need to be eligible to get short-term Christmas loans?

You need a few basic things, nothing complicated is required from you.

  • Age limit is a minimum of 18 years
  • Income proof
  • UK residency proof

The above is the very basic three requirements and for sure, you can fulfil them easily. The eligibility parameter is the first gatekeeper to let you in as this helps the lender to provide you with a suitable deal. Also, for the lending company, it tells about the authenticity of the applicant of Christmas loans.

I have a bad credit situation; do I need to provide any guarantor on Christmas loans?

No, you do not need to provide a guarantor to borrow funds. To compensate for the weakness on your credit score status, current income status should be good. If your current salary/income is sufficient to pay off the loan, the lenders are always ready to give you Christmas loans.

To borrow money without guarantor you need to give –

  • Current income proof
  • Income – outgoing ratio
  • Bank statement

The above are the three factors that can bring you easy funds if you are good at all the aspects.