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Warning: Quickloanslender does not ask for any kind of fees or charges. Just pay what you have borrowed with interest.

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Quickloanslender - your go-to financial partner

What is so terrifying about financial emergencies? You need to arrange money on the spot irrespective of your financial situation. If you do not want to stretch the loan search process too long, we can help you get quick loans in the UK effortlessly.

Flexibility is the highlight of our lending services. We always try to curate bespoke offers going on par with your requirements. Our constant efforts in delivering the best services make sure we ease off your various financial complications in no time.

All it means is that you can expect a quick payout facility by applying for loans with us. We keep the turnaround time short. Moreover, different financial obligations in your life will matter least to us.

We follow a budget pricing strategy at the time of lending money. Therefore, getting loans at pocket-friendly rates is a possibility with us. No broker is needed to come up to us.

We have full faith in technology and it reflects in our way of working. Some features will help you differentiate us from other direct lenders.

Quickloanslender- Your Go-To Financial Partner


Mainstream lenders

We emphasise more on speediness.

You cannot expect timeliness while applying with a bank.

We offer rates that match your capability.

Rates generally remain high with traditional lenders.

Custom-made loan deals provide scope for easy repayment.

You will have to follow a pre-decided term for repayment.

Favourable credit scores are not desirable in our case.

Facing rejection is common for bad credit people.

We do not mind if you want to apply without collateral.

They are reluctant to offer help without collateral.

Are quick loans - accessible with bad credit?

We know the difficulties that await a bad creditor. We have put our lending norms pretty straight and simple. It has enough financial opportunities as quick loans for someone who is already facing a tough time due to bad credit tags in the UK.

We believe your past credit record cannot assure us about your affordability. It is actually your ability to repay that concerns us the most. Getting loan assistance from our end is not a problem as we have minimal requirements.

You can obtain quick loans in the UK despite bad credit obligations since there is much in store for you like:

- No hassles of hard assessment

Experiencing hard checks when scores are not perfect is dreadful for every borrower. We do not want you to go through the same pain. You can now borrow quick loans in the UK facing no credit check. Because of it, your credit scores will not feel any impact also.

- Guarantor-free borrowing

Allowance with poor credit does not mean you have to compromise with other conditions. With us, you can get total liberty on getting quick loans that need no guarantor if you are from the UK. Instead of seeking support from another person for repayment, you can guarantee it on your own.

- Timely assistance for cash

There is no need to think that you are in a disadvantageous condition. We do everything immediately to bring quick loan support. Through us, you can avail of quick loans for bad credit on the same day. A speedy transfer of money will happen once your application gets through approval.

Quick and easy options of loans at your disposal

We want to gift you a bouquet of loan opportunities. We try to address the diverse issues that you might be facing. We approach it differently from the traditional lending procedure.

We put efforts to figure out the common pain points of our borrowers. After that, we personalise an offer suitable for their situation. Unlike traditional lenders, we will never impose general lending options to treat all types of financial problems.

We diversify our lending opportunities to make them more beneficial for different types of borrowers. You can find our best options here:

Doorstep loans Doorstep loans

You can drop by here and take pleasure in receiving quick decisions for loans from your home. No need to visit the branch or the ATM to collect approved cash. The loan agent will deliver the money.

Short term loans Short term loans

At times, a petty cash need can take away peace of your mind. Get relief from this type of financial trouble by getting a small amount of quick loans in the UK.

Guaranteed loans Guaranteed loans

Borrowers run after approval assurance. We rather show you different ways to make sure about guaranteed approval. This is how we trade off between lending and fair practices.

Very bad credit loans Very bad credit loans

For any lender, the zone between bad to very bad scores is the riskiest to explore. We love to give second chances to help people rectify their past flaws. It would help upgrade the circumstance.

Unsecured loans Unsecured loans

We know how the inability to pledge collateral against loans disappoints you. Get collateral-free loan help from our end. People with assets can also make use of it if they do not want to risk their assets.

Christmas loans Christmas loans

It is the biggest festival of the year. A lot of things happen around the festivity. For this reason, it is rightly the season of expenses. You can manage payments by getting extra money as loans.

All set to apply for quick and easy-to-obtain loans

We can help you clear up the financial mess that too in a matter of few minutes. Your urgency is familiar to us. We try to make it quick for you to fetch cash loans in the UK.

It is not magic but rather a combination of compact and precious steps. We disagree to elaborate on the process unnecessarily. It is evident from the steps we follow and that we would ask you to follow.

Save your time while applying for quick loans in the UK via the online mode. Go through the following steps:


Finalise the credit limit that would work best for you. Consider your capability and need before deciding on the right loan amount.


Specify the limit and round out the other fields in the application. Feel free to submit your details, as we are a safe platform.


You will receive a free loan quote based on your preference. Validate it and decide if you want to go ahead with it or need some changes.



Once you seal the deal with us, we will complete the processing in a few minutes. Following it, you will obtain the loan money in your checking account.

What makes Quickloanslender different?

If you wish to get quick loans from one of the most responsible UK direct lenders, you can count upon our services without any second thought. We work day in and day out to deliver the best to our borrowers. Our only lookout is to create a loan product that can fit according to our borrower’s budget.

We look forward to benefiting you in many different ways:


Accessibility: You can be anywhere like in front of a laptop or phone. A single tap is enough to enter our website through which you can drop the application also.

Feasible repayment: Pick any repayment plan as per convenience. Repay easily in the form of instalments over a specified period.

Transparency: We never support the idea of hiding original rates from borrowers. Every aspect is transparent and clear from our end.

Zero documentation: Forget about presenting a huge pile of documents. You can send your application in a paperless way.

All-time support: You can get in touch with us at any point whenever you feel stuck. Our team is available round the clock to help you.

Our customers’ precious feedback

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How are applications for quick loans assessed?

We analyse each application keeping the individual circumstances in mind. We practice a few checks that can clear our doubts about your affordability. It will assess if you can pay for the amount that you want to borrow.

Will it take too long to get a response from us?

No, we are prompt action-takers. Our processing does not take too much time. We proceed by validating a few vital aspects that do not eat away much time. You can expect to receive a response from our end in no time.

Do you charge extra fees for the loan quote?

No, you can get the loan quote free of cost. You can use the online platform to send us a request. We will flip through your request so that we can get back to you with a customised loan proposal. It will not cost you anything.

What will happen if I miss a repayment?

Missing repayment is not acceptable. You must know that additional charges will be levied if you lag behind to pay back on time. At the same time, interest will start to accrue due to late payments.

What are the eligibility criteria?

The basic eligibility criteria you must fulfil to get the support of quick loans from us are the applicant should be:

  • 18 years or above
  • A citizen of the UK
  • Holder of accessible bank account
  • Employed

We will contact you in case if we have additional requirements.

What are the best quick loans in the UK?

As direct lenders, we will not be able to tell you which one is the best loan option. On the other hand, the right person to tell would be you. It is because you are aware of your current financial condition and financial ability.

Can I get quick assistance with business loans in the UK?

You cannot get a separate loan alternative for business purposes. However, we do not restrict our borrowers to use loan money as per necessity. Therefore, you can spend the loan money to serve any commercial purpose without any hesitation.

Is it viable for me to repay loans early?

Yes, you can pay back loans before time also. You do not have to feel reluctant to think about pre-payment fees. We do not impose any such fees if you pay back the money ahead of time. In fact, we regard it as a good practice.

What to consider before applying for loans?

Do not consider borrowing as a light decision! It can have major impacts on your financial life. Understand your necessity and work out the right repayment strategy before going ahead to apply for loans. Keep your affordability aspect in mind also.