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Has your car faced a sudden damage? Do you need emergency funding to repair it? There is no worry at all. Quickloanslender can help with its exclusive deals on car repair loans.

Your car has broken down but the worst thing is that it happens unexpectedly and costly. Our loans will bring sufficient funding to pay the mechanic cost, install new tyres or the cost of car registration. We understand how quickly you want the car repaired to fulfil family needs or daily travelling to the office.

We are committed to arranging instant car repair loans online, ensuring hassle-free loan application and simplified processing. We can offer you the amount up to £10000 with no early payment fees and upfront cost. Our repayment terms are also suitable for every kind of budget.

We welcome every sort of borrower, like employed, self-employed, pensioners and even those with credit score issues, to offer vehicle financing for car repairs. Once getting approval, you can fund many types of car repairs. These include:

  • Replacement cost of engine
  • Accident or sudden breakdown
  • Tyres and windows
  • Car servicing cost
  • Painting and denting
  • Insurance or registration
  • Accessories
  • Emergency expenses

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What are car repair loans?

Loans for car repairs are the specific form of car loans which are used to fix the damage that occurred to your vehicle. Once you visit the mechanics, they charge higher fees, and higher cost of new car parts to buy. All these things are not cheap. In fact, you need a considerable amount to manage those costs.

You also need the car repaired quickly to get back to your daily routine. Using savings must bother you because it is hard-earned money. You must have other financial plans for your family for which you have accumulated money. It is in this situation that our loans prove useful to you. Avoiding any tough situation becomes easier because you receive the loan amount on the same day of application is submitted.

With us, you have both the options of secured and unsecured auto repair loans. A secured loan requires the condition of pledging a personal asset and getting lower interest rates. On the other hand, unsecured car repair financing does not need collateral, but the interest rates may be higher.

You can get back on the road immediately, as your bank account has the amount to pay off a mechanic. Applying for these loans is quite simple, where a single-page application form is there to fill and leave everything on us.

We are known for responsible lending and therefore offer an affordable loan only. We suggest you not to avail of the money which is higher than your repayment capacity. It is because protecting your credit score is also our duty.

What are car repair loans?

What are the types of car repair loans?

At Quickloanslender, we provide variety of features on our unsecured personal loans for car repairs. These can be classified into small loans, medium amount loans and long-term loans. You can pick any of them according to the damage done to your car or your financial capacity.

  • Short-term Loans

    If you need smaller repairs like the replacement of tyres or brake shoes, these loans suit perfectly to you. Like payday loans, there are not many obligations to follow because you are going to borrow a small amount, starting from £1000 to £3000. You need to repay the amount till 12 months.

  • Medium-term Loans

    If your car repair needs considerable amount, you can opt for our medium-term loans. In this, the borrowing limit exceeds from £3000 to £6000. A guarantor can back these but we are open to no guarantor loans for car repair also. You can pick the repayment term between 12 and 36 months.

  • Long-term Loans

    We have car repair loans for longer duration. This is not something that you can avail of every time. Borrowing for a longer term requires a proper analysis of your actual car repair needs and repayment capacity. You can avail of the amount between £6001 and £10000 and for a maximum duration of 60 months.

Our loan experts are there to guide you on whatever preference you have among these types of loans for car maintenance or repairs. You should submit your loan application now to get the instant result in your favour.

Why loans are significant for car repairs?

You might think that savings are there and you are earning a good monthly income. Why do you need to go for personal loans for car repairs? There are multiple reasons to pick these loans above any other funding source.

  • Loans for good car running condition

    If you do regular car maintenance of your car, it will keep the vehicle in good condition. You can go for long drives without any worry of emergency breakdowns. You can capitalise the loan amount in regular servicing of your car to keep it in a good shape.

  • Loans for keeping your car safe

    You are riding on your car with your family but the vehicle has not been serviced for the last few years. You are taking a huge risk. Instead, if you use loans for car repairs, you can manage the costs of regular services, which guarantees car safety.

  • Loans for maintaining your car as good as new

    After 5 – 7 years of car use, its parts sometimes demand repair or replacement. It won’t be possible for you to manage the costs of multiple parts. You can certainly do this by going for a loan option. The amount up to £10000 is sufficient for the replacement of the car parts.

  • Loans for extending your car life

    You have sufficient money in your bank account for the regular car service once you get approved for a loan. Now, you are able to keep your car in decent condition. It will further extend the life of your vehicle and reduce the chances of long-term financing for car repairs.

  • Loans for increasing the car’s fuel efficiency

    With a loan amount, you have done the necessary car repair, and now it has been regularly serviced. When your car is in this condition, the fuel efficiency will increase and it will save a lot of money to your pocket. You can fill up completely the fuel tank, and go for a long drive.

By explaining to you these reasons, our intention is not to force you to go for loans only. These are only the practical scenarios where you can better utilise the loans to avoid any major car breakdown.

What are the benefits of car repair loans?

Now, you are very well aware of the reasons to get credit for car repairs promptly and properly. Time is to become familiar with the possible advantages of car repair financing, which gives you satisfaction to go for it.

  • Sufficient loan amount: Our loans carry the amount limit that suits everyone from employed to unemployed, from families to single parents. You only need to fulfil the qualifying criteria and we will straightway assign you the affordable loan amount.

  • Manageable loan term: Apart from the loan amount, our repayment term also matches every budget. It does not matter whether you are earning a stable income or not. You just convince us of the scheduled repayments, and we will be satisfied.

  • Instant approval and fund disbursal: You apply for car repair loans with us through online mode. It means everything will be quick, safe and transparent. As soon as we find everything is fine with your loan application and details, we will approve it immediately and release the loan amount to be transferred to your bank account.

  • Flexible lending terms: Our lending concept of ‘everything for everyone’ matches individuals’ capacity and affordability. It becomes possible through our flexible lending approach. We finalise every norm of a loan deal only after analysing individual circumstances.

What are the benefits of car repair loans?
  • Acceptance to any income: These are easy loan options and therefore applicable on every income stream. You can qualify if you are unemployed, employed, self-employed, living on benefits or receiving a pension. We take care of everyone’s vehicle maintenance.

  • No collateral is required: Many direct lenders in the UK are there offering secured loans for car repairs. This might be an option, but it may prove risky for you. Instead, we believe in risk-free lending by offering only unsecured financing for car maintenance and repair.

Are you thrilled with these benefits? Do you want to explore them? Start your loan query now. Our representatives are ready to respond on it.

Am I qualified for car repair loans with bad credit?

Irrespective of the type of loan, you should keep in mind the significance of your credit score. Yes, it can be the decisive factor in the loan approval, but not here. Surprised? Yes, it is true.

Are you worried about your loan approval chances with Quickloanslender due to poor credit scores? Be relaxed because we are still ready to pre-approve your request for emergency car repair loans with bad credit. It does not mean that we approve in any circumstances. We do it responsibly by offering affordable loans only.

We do not accept your credit score as the sole criterion for the loan acceptance. Instead, we focus on other factors as well. For instance, we take your monthly income as the primary loan approval condition. Still, there is flexibility here, as we have mentioned above, that we can accept any income to fund your urgent car repair.

Two things are there to consider:

  • Credit Check: We do not work on your loan application with a hard credit check approach. In contrast, we do mandatory credit checks but without any impact on your overall credit profile. In rare circumstances, we may agree on car repair loans with no credit check.
  • Guarantor: If your credit score is not up to the mark, you must be worried about the repayments. You can minimise this risk by arranging a guarantor with a good credit history or a homeowner. Do you not have a person for a loan guarantee? Our loans without a guarantor are also available, but the interest rates will be marginally higher.

We have been working with pure dedication and commitment for the locals here by helping them with their car repair costs. If your bank has rejected your loan application, you can approach it anytime and anywhere.

Why Quickloanslender?

Your car is your biggest priority. You cannot compromise with its condition and overall health. A sudden breakdown or part damage makes you disheartened. The scarier thing is the lack of budget. In this condition, you receive the backup of one of the most responsible direct lenders in the UK, Quickloanslender.

Here are the advantages of applying for a car repair loan with us:

  • You will not feel alone when repairing your car. You have our backup. Do whatever repair you want in your vehicle, as we are standing alongside you by offering sufficient money.
  • We have designed our lending process as such where everything will be quick but with transparency. We will not surprise you with any upfront cost, and we do not even charge an early repayment fee.
  • We do not want to waste your time on hefty paperwork, as the entire process is 100% online. We have digitalised our loans for speedy approval.

Fix your car repairs with no financial obstacles. You are now well aware of our loan features. What to do now? It is simple. Click below.