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What is guaranteed car finance?

People across the UK are buying their dream cars. Now it is your turn!! Concerned about funds? We are here

Car finance can serve better with a surety of approval, and guaranteed car finance can solve this purpose. It offers guaranteed acceptance to the borrowers on specific terms and conditions. QuickLoansLender offers 100% guaranteed car finance for new and used cars through the simple, speedy procedure. The fund applicant needs to make sure to present some of the precise circumstances in his personal finances.

Features and benefits of guaranteed car finance

Guaranteed car finance on benefits comes with multiple traits that reflect the multiplicity of its features. They serve to varied aspects of the financial concerns of the car buyers. Your big purchase can become more predictable if you pay heed to some precise traits of car finance.

Features and Benefits of Car Finance

  • Multiple types of borrowing options for every employment status such as car finance for unemployed, self-employed, bad credit etc.
  • Predictable deals with customisation feature that makes it easy for you to pay off funds. The repayments are light with a lower rate of interest.
  • No fee and hidden charges that increase the overall cost of borrowing funds. Transparency through online agreements.
  • Better deals than car finance dealers with complete flexibility on repayments. Change instalment plans during the tenure in case you have any financial crisis.

Guaranteed car finance calculator - for easy calculations

Estimating costs can make it easy for you to borrow funds easily and understand how the factors of interest rate, tenure etc. can affect your cost. The guaranteed car finance calculator lets you estimate the monthly and annual cost. You can better work on the harmony between the statistics of APR and your financial limits.

We help you figure out better solutions because our advanced calculator is backed-up with latest features. You can check the results according to the varied interest rate and deposit amount. You can calculate different costs with the help of a calculator-

How can i get guaranteed car finance with 100% guaranteed approval?

There are several terms and conditions. If you can fulfil them, the 100% guaranteed approval is not a complicated thing. You need to focus on the stability of personal finances. Every small and big factor that can prove the repaying capacity can turn the conditions in your favour.

  • The first important thing is your monthly earning and its proof. You need to have a good income to qualify for funds.
  • The expenses should not be higher than 40% of your total income. Idol ratio is 60:40 and makes approval easy.
  • You need to have employment stability for which it is necessary to spend at least one year with the same employer is essential.
Get Guaranteed Car Finance with 100% Guaranteed Approval

Can i apply for guaranteed car finance without guarantor?

The guaranteed car finance in the UK is available without guarantor with the same demand for strong repaying capacity. The current circumstances of the applicant play a prime role every time. A guarantor is required only when the personal finances of a borrower are extremely poor. But if that are not the circumstances, no support is needed.

As a direct lender, we are always ready to work on every possibility and flexibility to help you. The only aspect that needs to fit in the conditions is your creditworthiness. You need to work on that part, and if that can be fixed, the car finance is guaranteed with no guarantor.

With the following things, you can apply without guarantor for guaranteed car finance -

I have bad credit score; can i apply for guaranteed car finance?

Yes, you can apply for the funds despite poor credit. Search us with guaranteed car finance near me with bad credit, and we are sure to mark our presence. Quickloanslender has rational ways of lending, and we take an overall look at the financial efficiency of a person. Only a credit score cannot be the only factor to pass judgments.

What are the terms & conditions to get guaranteed car finance for very bad credit?

Rationally, the guaranteed car finance for very bad credit people demands several precise conditions. The biggest challenge in front of the fund seeker is to prove he can pay back the borrowed money despite the worst credit situation. Such conditions include bankruptcy, County Court Judgement, Involuntary Arrangement and an approval decision is entirely on individual circumstances.

I have a no credit history; can i apply for a guaranteed car finance?

Credit history has nothing to do with the right to exploit a financial product. If you own the capacity to borrow money in the present-day situation and then give it back to the lender on time, it is fine. Having no credit history may not bring you much flexibility on the interest rates as there is nothing to prove your repaying capacity. However, it will also be an exaggeration to say that one cannot get funds just because of no payment history.

Note - On the borrowers' demand, we offer soft search for the applicants who want guaranteed car finance with no credit check effect. It is primarily for people with bad or no credit history.

How can i get guaranteed car finance if i am an unemployed?

The guaranteed car finance for unemployed is possible but only in certain situations. It is not a big task for us to approve funds to a jobless applicant if we see the possibility that he can pay back the money we lend. Read the following terms and see if your situation matches them, you can apply to us right away.

Do you have any location inclination?

No, not at all. We are, above all the conservative ways of lending that suppress the chances of the people to borrow smoothly. Whether you apply to us from a village in the UK or London, we are democratic in approach. We have multiple customers for guaranteed car finance from the northeast who present the same doubt, but we are always open for all.

Since years the finance options are available all across the United Kingdom. It does not matter whether you are looking for car finance in Scotland, Leicester, Essex, Glasgow or anywhere else, we are there with the money ready. We can make your car purchase lighter with location specific needs.

Why choose Quickloanslender for guaranteed car finance?

We prefer to leave the final decision on your discretion, but we need to present some rational causes of what we offer. In the name of ease, we accompany our lending policies with specific features. They should be sufficient to explain our calibre to you.

Quickloanslender has everything to offer one can yearn for in car finance in the UK. We make it even better with festive and other seasonal offers on car finance deals. Personal attention by our expert team makes sure that you get the best borrowing experience.


Is there guaranteed car finance?

Yes, there is a product, namely, guaranteed car finance. It is basically about the guaranteed approval that this finance option offers and those with a strong repaying capacity. The borrower has to ensure that his financial conditions and job stability factors are at the right place. With weaker personal finances, you cannot get approval.

Can I finance a car with a 500 credit score?

Getting car finance with a 500 credit score TOTALLY depends on the personal circumstances of the applicant. It is a poor credit score, and in that case, you should have specific conditions to convince the lender for approval.

  • Stable and consistent monthly income
  • Improved recent financial behaviour
  • Job in the same company from last 1 year at least
  • Additional income is a big support to get approval

Can you get guaranteed car finance with really bad credit?

Getting guaranteed car finance with bad credit is rationally tricky. However, if you manage to work on some of the lender's needs, it may become a reality.
Work on the following conditions –

  • Improve the credit score by making timely payment of debt and bills in the last one year.
  • Employment stability is necessary with continuous employment in the last two years.
  • If you are self-employed the accounts of the last two to three years will be required.

How can I get guaranteed car finance with no credit history?

Your smooth reach to guaranteed car finance with no credit record can be assured only in certain situations. If you can fulfil them, you can expect approval.

  • With no credit history, you cannot prove your repayment capacity. But that can be compensated with a strong and promising financial condition in the current time. A good job, income and idol income-outgoing ratio of 60:40.
  • One should also have the name in the government records, and the electoral roll is the best document. Do not forget that it is necessary to update with the latest address because it is significant at the time of verification.

What is the fastest way to build credit?

The fastest way to build credit is to reverse the wrong financial behaviour with the good one. Your credit score drops due to delayed payments majorly. First of all, improve that aspect and pay all your bills and existing debt on time. It is the best and the fastest way to boost credit score.

Can you get a car on finance while on benefits?

You can get car finance while living on benefits but not with every finance company. Some lenders do not consider benefits as the income, but some treat it as the earning. Quickloanslender is the relatable example that offers car finance to the people living on benefits. Before you apply, you should first confirm it with the concerned finance company.