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Electric car finance – we help you take the first and last step for the big purchase

Electric cars are the future of the human world because they serve the concerns of environment and come with new features. They are less expensive to maintain and give a smooth driving experience. The funding part that creates concerns to the buyers can be handled with smart car finance options. QuickLoansLender offers electric car finance choices all across the UK.

Features electric car finance


Factors that decide your car finance deal

Multiple factors decide what exactly will be your cost on the car finance. From the model type to the vehicle's performance, all things work together to purchase an electric car on finance.

  • Final cost after the scrutinizing the possibility of ‘greener vehicle discount’. Such vehicles are free from Vehicle Excise Duty.
  • Mileage of the electric car is a significant factor that affects the finance deals because that decides the actual price of an electric car.
  • Fuel costs also matter in car finance because that directly relates to the mileage and the price and your capacity to bear costs.
  • Your repaying capacity needs to be in harmony with all the factors, including the deposit part because that decides the final cost.
Factors that decide your car finance deal


Popular electric car finance deals we offer

Popular electric car finance deals we offer

There are many more models that we fund on. Besides we are flexible to work without constraint because we fund every model. The car finance options are cheaper on the cars below £40,000 because there is no tax payable.

  • Instant approval Decision in 10 minutes
  • Money transfer within two working days
  • Document submission occurs online only
  • No guarantor required for any finance deal
  • Best car loans to hire purchase, PCP options


How does 0 finance on electric car work?

The electric car with 0% finance is a popular product, and we get countless queries by borrowers on its practicability. Most of them do not even know how does this work and what does it mean. We leave no stone unturned to explain the finance options to our customers to help them make a confident decision.

How to get the best electric car finance deals in the UK?

To get the best deals on electric car finance in the UK, you need to first work on personal finances. Stronger are your financial conditions brighter are the chances of getting the best electric car finance offers from anywhere in the UK. We already have no location constraint. It does not matter where you are applying for the funds. From a small town or the developed city, we are everywhere.

NOTE – All the applications are subject to an affordability check, and strong repaying capacity is a vital need. In the absence of the latter, we may need to talk to you on further details to clear the doubts on that part.

Why choose Quickloanslender?

Before you buy an electric car on finance, we want you to know us better on enhancing your borrowing experience. A quick look at our traits can explain well that why you should trust us.

We are here to fulfil all your needs for purchasing electric cars in the UK with finance options. Our expert team knows the nook and cranny of the car finance industry and knows well how to figure out the best solution. The only demand is on the part of repaying capacity. If that is present in your personal circumstances, your fund approval is only a few minutes away.


Can I get electric car finance without a deposit?

Yes, you can get electric car finance without a deposit with two ways:

  • You can apply for personal loan to pay for the car
  • You can make it possible through PCP agreements

Can you get 0 percent interest on an electric car?

Yes, you can get 0 percent interest on an electric car but you need to have strong monthly income. It is because you pay only deposit and monthly instalments.

Does it make financial sense to buy an electric car?

Indeed, electric car may prove less expensive in the future and they are favourable for environment too. It may become a trend of the future cars too.

Is it easier to get electric car finance with a deposit?

Yes, there are direct lenders in the UK providing electric car finance with a deposit. It would be good for you because the larger the deposit you offer, the lender has lesser risk.

Can I get electric car finance with bad credit?

You have every chance of car finance with bad credit from the private lenders in the UK. However, you should follow the things that can contribute in improving the credit scores.

What credit score do you need to get 0% financing on an electric car?

You can get 0% financing on an electric car from excellent to bad credit score. It means if your credit score falls between 300-850, then you are eligible for this.

What is the best way to pay off electric car finance early?

You can do early pay off the electric car finance when you think that you are in better financial condition. Suppose your salary has increased and you are in a condition of using the extra savings to pay off the remaining balance. In that case, you can end the loan early.