Quickloanslender ensures a comfortable lending process, eliminating every hurdle with a simple application procedure, loan approval, and cash transfer.

You do not share any threat of losing your details or getting hacked, as we ensure encrypted loan processing. We do not transfer your data with external figures. The website hosts different loan offerings personalised to different financial requirements and affordability.

The loans here take the hassle out with a seamless application procedure. If you are confused regarding the right loan to take for your situation, we can help.

However, you need to qualify the minimum eligibility criteria to get the desired loan.

Minimal eligibility to apply with Quickloanslender

To apply for any loan, you must qualify the minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a UK citizen
  • Must be above 18 years of age and a maximum of 65 years of age
  • Holder of a valid UK account with a valid debit card
  • Should have a bankruptcy free status
  • Hold a reliable employment status for income proof
  • Non-residents on a valid visa can also apply (terms and conditions apply)

Apart from these, you will need a:

  • Verified email address
  • Residential address with postal code
  • Collateral details (in case of ensuring a guarantee on loan)

How does our application process work?

We modify the loan application procedure as per customers’ shifting preferences and aim to make it a quick and easy-to-follow one.

Our loan application procedure is a 4-step process:

Step 1- Fill in the details in the application form

To start your loan application, browse through the loan you need from the navigation. Click on the apply now button in green to proceed further. Fill in the personal details like-

  • The loan amount you need to borrow for the – particular date, month or year
  • Mention other details like name, email id, contact number, postcode
  • Enter the additional phone number. It is important to add an alternate number.
  • Agree to the loan terms by clicking the box
  • Press the apply button

*If you share any confusion regarding borrowing an amount. The dedicated representative will help make the process smooth. He/she will help figure out the exact loan amount and repayment term personalized to your needs and circumstances.

Step 2- Loan processing

Loan processing will take a few minutes. We will share most details with the respective representative to quicken the loan process.

Step 3 – Additional documents

We will mail you requesting the additional loan documents as soon as we receive the loan details. You will receive the mail only if there is a requirement. Otherwise, you will get a loan confirmation mail.

Step 4 – Money in the account

Once you confirm the card details and the mail, you will receive the amount in the respective account the same day.

Mention accurate personal and account details to further loan approval complications.

The flexibility of the amount of repayment

Quickloanslender grants the flexibility of repaying the total amount either offline or online. A user can choose whichever way according to comfort.

If you struggle to make repayments on the deadline, contact us immediately. The experts will help you walk through this and help clear arrears. We can help you arrange an affordable repayment schedule by splitting the payments.

  • Make penalty-free early payments

    Do not fear penalty fees on early repayments. We charge interest according to the loan agreement tenure. If a borrower wishes to pay the loan early, he can inform us.

    We will be happy to revise the interest rates up to date. You want to clear the loan. You can pay off the remaining amount from your debit card. Once we receive the payment, you will be notified of the loan closure. The remaining interest will be waived.

  • Repeat customers

    If you land here for another loan offer, fill the form with the needed loan amount and repayment tenure, and get the loan instantly.

    You do not need to go through the complete loan process.

    Once you do so, you will get the amount soon after loan approval.

*Apply for loans at Quickloanslender ONLY if you are confident about making repayments.

Late payments can harm credit scores and future borrowing prospects even with flexible payment terms.

For any further queries, you can contact us.