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No Guarantor Loans - Apply For A Loan With Self-Dependency

Traditionally, a lending process always involves certain obligations. Providing the guarantor has been among the most important that every borrower has to follow. It means you need a reliable person alongside you, who can take your loan guarantee.

Over the years, it has been found that arranging the guarantor sometimes becomes impossible. It happens especially when someone has a bad credit score. No one agrees to take the guarantee of those with less financial credibility.

No guarantor loans are suitable for such circumstances. These funding products give you the factor of self-dependency in applying for a loan. You can go ahead with your loan plans without searching for another person to co-sign the loan agreement.

QuickLoansLender is the responsible direct lender in the UK, offering loans without a guarantor on borrower-friendly features. These are:-

100% Online Procedure: You only need to have an internet connection in your home or Smartphone to apply for these loans. No legwork and no paperwork are required.

Maximum Approval Chances: Unlike other direct lenders in the UK, we have higher approval chances as we approve your loan application on your own financial capacity.

Affordable Lending:We offer only affordable loan deals to everyone. We finalise the lending terms and conditions only after analysing your current repayment capability.

What Are Loans Without Guarantor?

No guarantor loans are personal loans where the borrower applies without any second person. These are among the most used lending products in the UK, as borrowers have the chance of an early approval.

These are the short term loans that work better during a financial emergency.

Suppose you have arrived at a restaurant with your friends to give them a party of getting a new job. After having a meal with them, you suddenly realise that you have lost your wallet and the bill is due to pay. Of course, you hesitate to ask for money from your friends. Therefore, the best thing is to apply for no guarantor loans from a direct lender. With no need of having a guarantor, you can apply from your Smartphone and get instant money to your bank account. Now, you can pay the restaurant bill.

Avail Fast Loans with No Guarantor

The loan features are:-

What Options Do I Have With Non-Guarantor Loans?

Conditions are not favouring you when you face continuous financial struggle. You cannot think of your future when the present is quite uncertain. Therefore, having easy loan products is the need of the hour. QuickLoansLender understands this well and brings a variety of no guarantor loans on instant approval.

I Want A Deal On No Guarantor Loans For Bad Credit. Can I Apply?

Since we are offering loans without guarantor, there have been many queries from people with poor credit scores. They usually ask about their chances of availing of quick loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees required.

When the conventional lenders are too specific about funding the bad credit people, we have opened our doors for them. If you also have unsatisfactory credit ratings, you can still submit your online loan application. We approve it and offer loans according to your financial affordability.

See below the attributes that we are offering for loans for bad credit with no guarantor from direct lender in the UK:-

Apply For Non Guarantor Loans


  • What is the approval criterion?
  • What will be the interest rates?
  • How can I be eligible for no guarantor loans for bad credit?
  • Will there be a hard credit check or soft credit check?
  • Are there fixed or flexible repayment terms?


  • You get the loan approval only on your recent income.
  • Very competitive in the UK market
  • You should be earning at least £700 as a full-time income or a minimum of £400 as a part-time income.
  • We only perform a soft credit check on each loan deal. Sometimes, we also approve loans with no credit check if your recent financial performance is quite good.
  • QuickLoansLenders offers only flexible repayment terms. You can choose the most suitable one and repay the loan on time.

What Are The Benefits Of Loans For Bad Credit With No Guarantor?

Indeed, you will be delighted to know that loan approval is there despite a less-than-perfect credit score. Now, your mind is thinking about what benefits you will get on such loan deals. Without testing your patience, we are revealing the three utmost advantages of these loans.

Funding up to £10000 - Yes, if you are earning well but need funds to cover up the financial gap while purchasing something, we can assign a 10,000 loan for bad credit with no guarantor required. However, it will be according to your affordability and capacity to repay the loan during the entire term.

No Extra Fees - Despite having a poor credit score, you will not pay heavily to avail of a loan deal. We are the dedicated direct lender in the UK offering loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees but an instant decision.

Approval for Jobless or living on benefits - Indeed, our lending products invite unemployed people too. We can approve their part-time income as the criterion for the loan approval. Moreover, we can offer loans for bad credit with no guarantor and on benefits that you are receiving from the government.

What Challenges Do I Have On Fast Loans With No Guarantor?

It is correct that the way is smooth to get the fast loan with no guarantor needed. Still, you should be careful enough to follow the loan procedure sincerely. You should not think that approval is easy even if you submit any detail or having any credit score.

As the responsible direct lender in the UK, we feel we have to make you familiar with the challenges ahead while applying for these loans without guarantor. Here they are:-

Why Should I Choose Quickloanslender For No Guarantor Loans?


We pursue these three qualities while financially supporting an individual who wants no guarantor loans from a direct lender.

Convenience in the loan process, approval and fund disbursal;

Credibility in keeping your personal data safe and bringing an assured loan to your favour;

Commitment in assisting you during financially critical times according to your loan affordability

QuickLoansLender wants to be your financial partner. Therefore, you do not need a loan partner. Apply now for our no guarantor loans that come irrespective of your bad credit score.


Will I be approved for a loan without a guarantor?

Yes, you can get the approval for a loan even if you do not have a guarantor. You need to focus on two things:

  • You should be earning some sort of income, whether part-time or full-time.
  • You should not ask for higher amount than your actual financial need.

You do not need a guarantor if you follow these suggestions.

Can I get no guarantor loans from a direct lender?

Yes, direct lenders are very much open to offering the no guarantor loans. In fact, such exemption may not be possible with traditional lenders as they are not so flexible in their terms.

The direct lenders, on the other hand, offer flexible lending norms that make easier for the borrowers to get the funds without any complexity.

Will I need to pay a fee if I have no guarantor?

We cannot say about other direct lenders in the UK, but Quick Loans Lender does not ask for any fees before and after the loan term. Only the interest rates that you need to pay along with the principal amount.

Is it possible to get a loan with bad credit and non guarantor?

Indeed, you can apply for a loan despite having poor credit score and non guarantor is there to back you. However, you need to show your repayment capacity through the monthly income. Quick Loans Lender does not check your credit score and this allows the borrowers to get the funds easily with whatever the credit score is.

How safe are bad credit loans without a guarantor?

Bad credit loans from us are very much safe even if no guarantor is there. We have the maximum loan approval chances for you because we look at your recent financial performance. You do not worry about the interest rates, as ours are always competitive.

How can I get a loan without a credit check?

Bad credit loans without a guarantor require a soft credit check, but they do not pull your credit score as they do not show up on your credit report. However, you can get a loan with no credit check even if your credit score is poor. The lender will approve your application after considering your income statement.

How can I get fast loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

There is a simple process to follow, which includes these simple steps:

  • Fill the online application form with mandatory details
  • Submit it carefully and wait for the approval for a few minutes
  • We approve your loan within 15 minutes and transfer the funds within 1 hour

Can Quick Loans Lender help if I have a bad credit score?

We are always ready to help you irrespective of your credit history. In fact, we are entirely dedicated towards the people with less-than-perfect credit score. Our no guarantor loans for bad credit people are accessible on easy lending terms and conditions, particularly the interest rates and repayments. Besides, we also help in improving your credit score.