No guarantor loans – 100% online loans with no obligations

Do you need urgent financial help but cannot arrange a guarantor right now? This is probably the most challenging part of the bad credit phase. You want to borrow money, but the mainstream lenders require someone to back you.

What about applying for no guarantor loans for bad credit with a direct lender? It is perhaps the only solution when no one agrees to take your guarantee. You can save precious time and keep your relationships with friends or family intact.

At QuickLoansLender, you get the opportunity to get loans with no guarantor at affordable interest rates starting from 5.99%*, depending upon individual circumstances.Here, you will take charge of the loan repayments.

This could be a significant step towards improving your credit scores. Based on your needs, you can borrow up to £10000. Stay within an affordable limit so that repaying is easy within the expanded duration.

If you are earning a steady income, getting no guarantor loans in the UK is not tough. Take pleasure in quick disbursal of funds by applying here.

What does the term “no guarantor loan” mean?

Loans for no guarantor condition means borrowing without producing a person as a guarantor for your loan payments.You can say that no guarantor loan is anything but getting funds without a guarantor. It is too simple to describe, but it is more than this for us.

We offer these loans as a useful means to solve your financial problems concerning bad credit issue. Of course, this may be a small matter to solve for you. Still, it significantly impacts your personal finance.

Once getting a loan from our company, you can expect quick peace of mind. Unlike other direct lenders in the UK, we have adopted a wide approach where everything is covered and what everyone wants.

Obtaining these easy loans with no guarantor conditions does not need to be expensive. Opt for a suitable amount you can repay effortlessly and keep the loan cost within your budget.

With us, you have relaxation in many ways. Here is a glimpse of it:-

Loan Obligations Our Loan Features
Upfront Charges Not Applicable
Loan Quote Obligation-free
Early Repayment Charges Nil
Late Repayment Charges £8
Fund Transfer Within 24 hours

How are no guarantor loans on instant decision useful for me?

Applying for loans with no guarantor needed may seem risky, as trends say these are costly funding resources. We are not part of this trend and consider your bad credit situation seriously.

We offer these loans at 3 levels depending on individual needs, circumstances and repayment capacity.

  • Funding during financial urgency

    It is the first stage where people have an emergency like car repair, medical bills, etc., and they want quick funding to control it. If you are also in such a situation, then you can approach us to get fast loans with no guarantor. Within 15 minutes, you get the desired amount.

  • Funding for small financial needs

    The next level belongs to those aspirants who have planned small expenses but find their savings too short. For example, someone wants a gadget to purchase or needs extra funds for upcoming holidays. We make available our small no guarantor loans to meet these smaller costs.

  • Funding to fulfil larger financial goals

    This may be most surprising to you. Yes, we offer long-term no guarantor funding with bad credit. However, you need to earn a stable full-time income, or you can use an asset to secure your loan amount.

Therefore, you can see how getting no guarantor loans for bad credit involved no fees for an instant decision. Sail through difficult financial times by identifying the right reason to borrow.

What are the advantages of getting loans without a guarantor?

Features of any loan remain the same, but our primary focus is on assuring the maximum advantages of these loans. Here apply for no guarantor loans with a direct lender to reap the benefits of:-

  • A dedicated deal for the people with bad credit

    This is an exclusive loan deal for those with less-than-perfect credit scores. All the aspects of loans are prepared by keeping their financial demands in mind.Therefore, getting no guarantor loans for poor credit is a blessing when dealing with a financial mess.

  • Quick response

    You can book an early online appointment rather than face disappointment. Submit your loan application early, and our representatives quickly get back to you. Therefore, we say these as quick no guarantor funding.

  • Cost-effective lending approach

    We vouch for making loans less costly than other lenders. You pay only the affordable interest rates. Indeed, you do not need to pay any broker’s fees as we are available directly to serve your purpose.

  • Funding even on the same day

    There is no doubt that we will approve your loan application without any delay. The best part of no guarantor bad credit loans in the UK is the same day transfer of the required amount directly to your bank account on the exact date of application submitted.

  • A way to improve your credit score

    There is one more significant advantage of our non-guarantor loans. You can enhance your credit record by making timely repayments thanks to the manageable monthly instalments

Does a no guarantor loan with bad credit bring any setbacks?

Many lenders do not describe the risks of a particular loan. We take it as goodwill for your borrowers. You should know what risks are involved when you apply for loans without a guarantor despite bad credit from a direct lender.

Please do not take them as loan disadvantages, but you can assume them as preventive measures. Here are a few possible loan risks:-

  • If you are already on multiple debts, taking another loan will add more to your finances. We advise you to go for loans when you are empty of options.
  • Missing or late repayments can further cause your credit score to go very bad. Therefore, make full use of our flexible repayments and improve your credit score.
  • Missing or late repayments can further cause your credit score to go very bad. Therefore, make full use of our flexible repayments and improve your credit score.
  • These sorts of loans often carry higher interest rates like otherloans. However, you should not worry about this because our rates are the most competitive in the UK marketplace.
  • Borrowing more than what you can afford will amplify the burden of loan debts. Repaying will be tough since you have to pay more interest for a bigger amount.

What to do to get no guarantor loans on guaranteed approval?

When your finances are facing continuous disturbance, getting just a loan is not your motive. Instead, you should focus on getting loans without a guarantor from a direct lender on easy acceptance provision.

Indeed, it is a tough task to expect but not impossible. QuickLoansLender responsibly works on granting the guaranteed approval if you are good on the following aspects:

  • Know your credit score: The primary thing is that you must be familiar with your credit score. It will help you to be familiar with your financial limitations and go for loans under your capacity.
  • Ask for only an affordable amount: Some people think getting a loan is easy, and then they can apply for any amount. This is a wrong practice. You should request an amount which is repayable from your monthly earnings.
  • Keep earning a stable income:As long as you keep earning a settled income, you can repay loan conveniently. Even if you lose a full-time income, you should be getting at least part-time income to manage loan repayment.
What do I need to assure a guaranteed loan with no guarantor?

Is it possible to get no guarantor loans with no credit check?

When it is about people with bad credit scores, you can prefer getting no guarantor bad credit loans facing no credit check from a direct lender. Again, it is challenging for us as the lender. Still, we relax you with a soft credit check.

A credit check is a vital part of a loan process, and it helps the lender to shape a loan deal according to the borrower's capacity. However, a hard credit perusal proves quite risky for anyone's profile.

Therefore, we offer every loan deal on a soft credit check. Besides, you can also expect no credit check under these circumstances:-

  • You should be improving significantly in handling recent payments;
  • You applying for a loan for the very first time;
  • You have already availed a loan from us in current times;
  • You require a very small amount to borrow.

These loans are gifted with easy repayment arrangement. This feature is accessible even when you apply with bad credit tags.

When should you consider alternatives to no guarantor loans?

You will find no guarantor loans quite useful in your current financial scenario. However, you may want a more specific loan option but having the facility of no guarantor is mandatory. Surprisingly, we have that provision too.

Isn't it great for you? YES. Let's discuss the loan alternatives which are designed to address your necessities.

  • Payday loans: These loans help you to bridge the gap between consecutive paydays. As they are approved based on your income, you can expect approval in 15 minutes. You can obtain them with any credit score and repay on next payday
  • Short-term loans: If you are looking for financial assistance to meet small needs, you can get these loans. They should be paid back within a shorter duration. Take pleasure in competitive rate of interest and quick disbursal of needed sum of money.
  • Unsecured loans: Get loans in unsecured way with no guarantor requirement right here. No need to pledge collateral in favour of loans. You can use these loans for any loan purpose and repay in weekly and monthly pattern.
  • Bad credit loans: If you are someone struggling with low credit scores, these loans can be your perfect financial partner. Your affordability will matter the most and you can prove that based on your earnings.
  • Instalment loans:Repayment is going to be flexible as these loans allow regular payments over a specified tenure. You can pay back in small amount i.e. affordable and can be accommodated in your monthly budget.

How much should I take out with a no guarantor loan?

Each loan deal offers an amount that matches loan affordability and financial needs. Non-guarantor loans are not the exception in this regard.

As an eligible borrower, you can apply for an amount from pounds 1000 to 10000 as these loans.You can decide the amount after analysing your current financial needs and capacity for monthly income. You should remember that our company offers only an affordable amount.

You can borrow that amount for 12 - 60 months. Since our interest rates are competitive, you can easily pay each monthly instalment from your regular income.Make the most out of the weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment facility to pay back conveniently.

If your financial situation improves, you can even think of repaying the remaining amount in advance. You do not have to pay any additional charges to pre-pay loans. Save money on interest which keeps adding up as the tenure elongates.

What are the steps to apply for no guarantor loans?

Our procedure is perhaps the easiest when someone seeks a loan. Easy-to-fulfil eligibility conditions best complement these online loans with no guarantor claim.

With these loans, you do not have to complete the traditional documentation process. Fewer information is required when you apply for loans via the virtual platform. As direct lending mainly focuses on confirming affordability, your income proof will be crucial for us.

We are happy to help you with loans as long as you have a steady income to support loan payments. These loans require you to take responsibility for repayment.

Application Procedure Eligibility Criteria
Step 1: Choose the loan term and amount Your age should be minimum of 18 years or maximum of 70 years
Step 2: Fill out an online loan application form You should be permanently living in the UK
Step 3: Submit it carefully and receive an instant loan quote Your full-time monthly income should be a minimum of £700, while part-time
Step 4: Get an instant loan decision Your bank account should be active
Step 5: Release of fund transfer to your bank account

**Note: You can submit your loan application on weekends or during bank holidays.

You should not have had bankruptcy charges in the past two years.

Why Quickloanslender? We have 3 strong reasons

We believe in implementing a friendlier approach while handling the financial demands of our borrowers. We closely review the requirements of people coming to us and personalise a loan offer that is perfect for their situation. We always strive hard to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

Not only do we have no guarantor loans, but we provide each loan with full responsibility. We give three reasons why you should have our loans instead of any other lender in the UK.

These 3 reasons are reflected in our company’s name: Quickloanslender.

‘QUICK’ Funding

Words like delay or waiting are in our dictionary. Everything is done quickly here.

Affordable ‘LOANS’

You do not have to touch your savings to repay. Manage it from your monthly earning.

Honest ‘LENDER’

We deliver what we promise without hiding anything and without surprising anyone.

When we are quick, you should be quicker to apply for a non guarantor loan.