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Car loans with bad credit – poor score is never a constraint in your car purchase

Attainment of funds for a car purchase with a poor payment history sounds tricky but not anymore with bad credit car loans. Quickloanslender offers affordable loan deals irrespective of credit score status. Our rational new aged lending practices consider the latest repaying capacity and not the financial past. If currently you are in a situation to pay off a loan and can prove it through due income source(s), we are sure to lend you money.

  • Car loans up to £50,000
  • Tenure up to 7 years

How car loans with bad credit work?

The poor credit car loans work through a decided procedure, but that is not complicated. Through a simplified process, you can obtain funds without any delay. Here is how they work.

Quickloanslender offers car loans for new as well as used cars

How much is the deposit on poor credit car loans?

The minimum deposit required for car loans is 10%, in case of poor credit situation; it is advisable to extend it up to 12% to 15% of the total car price.

There are two conditions on the aspect of deposit; you can choose anyone according to convenience –

#Situation 1 – You can pay more than 10% deposit and take the car loan on a comparatively lower rate

#Situation 2 – You can pay the minimum 10% deposit and take the car loan but on a bit higher interest rate

We try to keep options for the borrowers on every aspect; whether it is interest rates or the deposit amount, we offer comfort to the borrower. The car loans with bad credit are not complicated many more with the changed and liberal approval of online lending.

How Much is the Deposit On Poor Credit Car Loans

Acceptance to all types of bad credit situations

Bad credit situation causes due to varied reasons and also brings varied consequences. Whatever type of poor credit situation you have, we offer you car loans in every condition.

Delayed payments

We are ready to lend you if the issue of delayed payments does not exist in your recent financial behaviour.


You should be working on a legal and due method to deal with the defaults. If you have appeared in court, we need to know the latest status.

Individual voluntary arrangement

Your progress should be promising with timely payments according to the arrangement.


You should be working currently on credit score improvement through improved financial behaviour.

We also offer funds to those with CCJ issues according to their financial circumstances. If their personal finances show any possibility to pay off the funds, we approve the loan, but the limit of amount is there.

Soft credit search – a pragmatic solution to fear of search footprint

Fear from credit check is prevalent in poor credit score applicants, and they always want to avoid the process of credit score perusal. We have a practical solution for that; the soft credit check facilitates scrutiny of financial records without leaving an impact as it leaves no footprint, typically people for it through the no credit check car loans. We also try to guide our customers on what is right and wrong, to be rational, there is nothing like no credit check loans. They are basically the soft credit check borrowing options with no fear of spot of perusal.

What is the average monthly payment for new and used cars?

Average monthly payment for a new car

£332 to £400

Average monthly payment for a used car

£225 to £338

On new cars, you get a bigger loan amount and a smaller loan limit for the used cars, bad credit may make it more rational. In the current economic conditions, the income assessment procedures have become more straightforward. With a poor payment history, if you want to have a lower monthly repayment, it is vital to work hard on personal finances.

Check affordability before you choose a car

To obtain car loans for bad credit in the UK, you need to be rational about your car selection. Due to less-than-stellar credit score performance, it is essential to pay attention to the credit limit that you can attain. It is necessary first to know how much loan you can afford to borrow and repay.

Affordability will always be the prime factor to drive your car purchase decisions. To make things work in the desired direction, you have to be strong on this part.

Why Quickloanslender for car loans with bad credit?

We try to give a great borrowing experience to you through the best bad credit car loans in the UK with the speedy procedure. Here are several reasons that can convince you to choose us above all –

Quickloanslender is known for its logical approach towards the credit score issues of the car loan applicants. We design the best possible loan deals that are always pocket-friendly for the borrowers. If you have plans for a car purchase soon but poor credit score is an obstacle, we can help. Our all-inclusive car loans with bad credit can ALWAYS assist you with the right kind of financial assistance.


Can I get a car loan with really bad credit?

Yes, you can get a car loan despite a bad credit with a strong repaying capacity. The flaws of payment history can be overlooked if your income is good, and the income-outgoing ratio is minimum 60:40. However, for the poor credit score people, the 50:50 ratio is also acceptable, but the monthly income should be satisfying.

Can I get car loans with no credit history?

Yes, car loans with no credit history are possible if the fund seeker can manage to pay off the funds quickly with a stable income. There can be a constraint on the loan amount limit, but that is usually not a significant restriction. It is better to give a deposit amount more than the minimum of 10%, and the safe play way can be provided at least 13% of the deposit.

What credit score is needed for a car loan?

To be rational, a good credit score is required to get a car loan, and that is the only idol thing to have on the part of credit score performance. However, financial complications push people in poor credit situation and car loans available for people through bad credit loans.

Can I get a car loan with a 450 credit score?

450 credit score is not a promising condition, but as the current repaying capacity is the prime factor in the online lending, you can win approval. It is necessary to look for a relatable lender that offers car loans on a low credit rating. QuickLoansLender has flexibly lending policies and offers funds on monthly income and credit worthiness irrespective of sore credit status.

Can I get a car loan with very poor credit?

You may or may not get a poor credit loan with a very poor credit score because it can cause a danger to the lender. However, with the help of individual factors, you can get approval. Try to have a strong repaying capacity, bring a guarantor with a good or excellent credit score.

What will I need to provide when applying for car loans?

You need to provide the following details for the car loan application –

  • Salary slips of the last 6 to 9 months
  • Bank statements of last one year
  • Annual and monthly earning proof for the self-employed
  • Employment stability proof through the experience proof from past companies