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Car Loans – Your Smoother Journey to Car Purchase

To enjoy the pride of a car owner you need a strong financial back up and car loans can facilitate that with ease. Borrow from Quick Loans Lender on lucrative terms and conditions that match to the financial conditions of the borrower through personalization. Assurance of expensive deals and speedy loan procedure with fund disbursement within 24 hours. It should not be a bad deal.

Car Loans at 3.2% p.a.

Car Loans - Your Smoother Journey to Car Purchase

How Do Car Loans Work?

Car loans are the secured loans where the car acts as the security or collateral. You need to pay a minimum deposit, which may differ from lender to lender. We have reduced the size of deposit from 10% (popular in industry) to the 5% to help you borrow a bigger amount. Any fund seeker with a small down payment can come to us and borrow funds in a short time with least formalities.

How Much Can I Borrow Through A Car Loan?

The minimum limit is £1000 and maximum limit is £50,000

The actual amount you can borrow depends on your current repaying capacity. We can help you make predictions through car finance calculator that gives useful predictions and facilitate clear and confident purchase decision.

The factors that affect your car loan amount are –

The above factors are generic for car loans in the UK and help you cover the initial miles during your car purchase journey.

Can I Get A Car Loan With A Poor Credit Score?

Yes, you can get car loans with bad credit. If a borrower has strong repaying capacity and stable, financial conditional with job stability funds can be approved. The online lending practices depend more on the rational approach and the traditional practice of giving importance to only credit score does not exist anymore.

Get a car loan with following conditions –

Most of our borrowers are afraid of credit check and ask if we provide no credit check car loans. We never give false hopes to our borrowers and tell the reality. To be rational, there is nothing like no credit check loans. However, one thing that can prevent search footprint is soft search. If you want that, we can manage and then you can borrow funds without any effect on your financial records.

I Have A No Credit History; Can I Apply For A Car Loan?

Anyone with no credit history can apply for a car loan. Every year we get many queries asking how to get car loans with no credit history. It is as easy as a cakewalk. With strong personal finances, anyone can get funds for any purpose. A big benefit in case of car loan is that it is secured by the car you purchase. The lender has the car as the collateral and in case of any default, it can be repossessed. This fact may sound a bit bitter it brings a pleasant reality too because due to secured type, car loans are easy to qualify.

Borrow Money for Used Cars

Yes, we offer funds to buy used cars. The process of application is more or similar. The only difference is at the part of the inspection we organize to know the condition of the car. Our loan representative may visit you to have a look at the car you want to purchase.

Car Loans VS Personal Loans

Most of the time car loans are confronted by personal loans in importance and different people have concerns to know which one is better. We always help our customers know the two sides of a coin and then leave things on their discretion. You can also read the comparison below to gain an understanding on what is best for you.

Car Loans

Personal Loans

For the purpose of car purchase only. You need to first book the car, as without that loan procedure does not start.

Use funds for any purpose. The borrower has the liberty to use the funds either for the car purchase, wedding expense, medical reasons or anything.

Lower rate of interest secured by the purchased car. The obligation becomes less hefty and bring only a lighter burden on personal finances

Higher rate of interest due to no security available. You cannot negotiate with the lender on the rate of interest after a certain limit.

Need a deposit of at least 5% to 10%. It reduces the loan amount in size and also the loan instalments.

No deposit required. You have to pay back the complete amount with same size of installment. However, prepayment is allowed.

Can be obtained easily despite no credit history or low credit history as the loan is secured

The poor credit people and no credit history applicants may have to face complications such as higher interest rates.

Lender keeps the ownership rights of the car until the full payment

On delayed payments lender can report to the agency that causes poor credit score

Maximum tenure can go up to 7 years

Maximum tenure is usually 5 years

Why Choose Quick loans lender For Car Loans?

You should know what we can be on your priority list of lenders. Here are some precise reasons to explain why you may need us and why are we special.

  • Best deals on bad credit car loans in the UK
  • Speedy eligibility check
  • Zero prepayment penalty
  • Completely paperless procedure
  • Flexible repayment plans on every deal
  • Student get funds through student car loans
  • Lower rate of interest
Choose Quick loans lender For Car Loans

Quick Loans Lender not only offers the best car loans but also guide for a better borrowing decision. We get deep into your personal finances to suggest the ways that can help in easy approval of funds. From credit score improvement to maintaining job stability, many such suggestions help our borrowers take calm and correct decisions on their car loans. Do you need financial assistance? We are always ready to offer you something relatable on our loan deals.


How to get car loans?

Nowadays, the online loan option is available and you can easily get car loans online in a short time. If your financial conditions are strong, the fund disbursal happens on time. The paperless procedure makes the process even more convenient.

  • Apply online with the basic required financial details
  • Receive the approval decision
  • The funds will reach to account soon if you are approved

Which credit score is used for car loans?

The idol for a car loan or any type of loan is always good credit score (881-960). However, that does not mean the fair or poor credit score people cannot get funds. If the current repaying capacity is strong, it is possible to get a car loan despite a bad credit rating.

What are the current interest rates on car loans?

Currently the interest are on car loans is 3.3% p.a. and that is fixed.

How do bad credit car loans work?

Bad credit car loans work on your current repaying capacity. The borrowers with poor credit situation can easily obtain funds if their recent financial behaviour is spotless and financial conditions are stable.

Why are car loans are always secured with collateral?

Car loans are secured with collateral because if the borrower delays the payment of instalments or fails to pay the loan, the lender can repossess the car to revive its financial loss. As the loan is obtained against the car, the same is also used as the collateral.

What types of car loans are there?

There are varied types of car loans that offer funds for the big purchase –

  • Hire purchase – The borrower gives a certain deposit and takes the car after that gives the regular monthly payments until the final payment. You can manage to get smaller instalments customisation.
  • Leasing – This option is not much in practice but it is getting popular day by day. In leasing method, you never own the car but pay a kind of rent in the form of monthly payments. The amount of instalment is based on how long you will use the car.
  • 0% Finance – The concept of zero percent finance is based on ‘no interest’ strategy. The borrower needs to offer a deposit which can be huge in size and also the monthly payments are normally hefty.

Despite the above three options, most of the borrowers prefer car loans. They are considered more authentic and safe for the important purchase option.