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Bad credit loans - a restart to your good times

Whether it is about getting the boiler repaired or covering a sudden expense, individuals find the need to have extra cash. People lacking stable finances and reputable credit find it hard to secure a loan. There could be many delinquencies in the credit report – like a CCJ, default or debts. Luckily, there are multiple bad credit loans available for people who cannot borrow an amount owing to past credit mistakes.

These loans are specifically for one lacking a good credit history, unable to grab a loan with traditional lenders, or looking to improve their credit score. The reasons could be infinite.

Every individual has different circumstances and unique urgent fund requirements. Bad credit history does not reveal the circumstances behind it. We, at Quickloanslender, look beyond the credit score to provide loans to individuals.

We analyse the income, employment, and affordability to ensure cheap loans on bad credit. The borrowers should meet the minimum eligibility criteria, and they may have guaranteed approval.

Whether you want to host a wedding or plan a home renovation, you can seek short and long-term loans for bad credit in the UK from a direct lender only like us. You no more need to rely on someone and regret your poor credit history. Take loans for your needs.

What is a bad credit loan?

A bad credit loan is for an individual with a less-than-ideal or no credit history. These individuals find it challenging to secure funds from traditional lenders. They usually conduct a strict credit check to ensure the loan affordability and the ability of the borrower to maintain the repayments.

The individuals lacking a promising credit history could not qualify for the loans. A loan on bad credit helps them by ensuring the loan approval despite poor credit history.

If you have a good credit score and can qualify for a loan with general stream lenders, you do not need to apply for a loan on bad credit in the UK. It ideal is for those:

  • Having a credit score below 560
  • Need immediate loans on inappreciable credit
  • Seeking to improve credit
  • Lacks a credit history
  • Have several delinquencies in the credit report
Bad Credit Loan

Individuals can borrow these loans for almost anything. The common usage includes- debt consolidation, home improvement, or a car purchase. The chances of acceptance are higher with bad credit loans than with other loans if seeking one with poor credit.

Quickloanslender provides quick loans on bad credit history at minimum eligibility criteria and the same day approval. It helps you improve credit scores and meet urgent and unexpected costs like getting the car window repaired, meeting the subscription payments, medicinal urgencies, etc.

What are the types of loans for bad credit people?

There is the easy availability of multiple loans for people with bad credit from direct lender in the UK. Each loan has a specific purpose and repayment duration. Here are the types of loans for different individual needs and circumstances.

  • Small loans for bad credit

    You may require money to meet an emergency like exceeding bills, unintentional payments, or an unexpected medical expense. You can borrow up to £1500 in small loans for 3-4 months for almost any purpose.

  • Personal loans for bad credit in the UK

    You can obtain personal loans for almost any purpose. You can borrow up to £50000. Personal loans are of two types- secured and unsecured. The major difference between the two is security. Secured loans have the backing of collateral as compared to collateral-free unsecured loans.

  • Secured loans for bad credit

    A secured loan is a means for larger funding but must be pledged with an asset. You can fetch a larger amount with a high approval rate on a loan. Not keeping up with the monthly payments and defaulting on the loan can lead to collateral repossession.

  • Loans for bad credit with no credit check

    It is one of the most common loans for really bad credit individuals. Some lenders provide loans on average credit history at minimal check. For example, payday loans and instalment loans do not require a hard credit check.

  • Personalised business loans on bad credit

    Small business owners with a poor credit history struggle to secure a loan. Business loan lenders work toward addressing the personal situation and providing funds to aspirants despite low credit. To get a business loan for bad credit from direct lender, one needs to provide other proof of repayment other than a credit score. It could be a credit card report, business plan, and personal holdings.

These are some of the best loans for bad credit in the UK that you can apply for. Choose the one which befits your situation. Be mindful that poor credit lending is different from usual. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between good, bad and poor credit scores.

What are the advantages of a loan for bad credit issue?

Securing loans on unsatisfactory credit scores seems to complicate the individual seeking urgent money assistance. Continuous loan rejections from the mainstream lenders hamper any hope of getting one.

A loan for bad credit eliminates every hurdle to securing a credit hassle-free. The reason is that you can get a loan despite having a bad credit history, credit delinquencies, and bankruptcy status.

Here are some advantages of loans with low credit scores.

The Advantages Of A Loan For Bad Credit Issue
  • High loan approval rate

    One can secure loans on bad credit easily. There is a minimum loan approval criterion to qualify for. If one applies during specific deals, one can get a loan at unexpected interest rates.

  • No need for a guarantor on the loan

    Individuals find it critical to qualify for the loan through traditional means. It requires someone to pledge on the repayments. With us, you can get a loan for bad credit in the UK without a guarantor.

  • Quick loan Approval

    Unlike traditional loans, you can quickly acquire loans despite your poor credit history. One should have a stable income source and a running account. We provide the same day loan for bad credit in the UK to help individual bridge urgent bill payments and other financial emergencies.

  • Soft or no credit check

    We do a soft credit check to give the borrower an idea of the total loan amount according to the loan duration. It does not affect the credit and implies one can apply for loans on poor credit without facing any potential risks.

  • Affordable Loans Only

    Bad credit loans from direct lender can be affordable if you maintain the payments regularly, avoid taking any further loans and improve your income.

  • Safeguard Credit Profile from Search Footprint

    We do not conduct a credit check in most lending. Too much credit evaluation affects the individual’s credit profile. This prevents one from securing a loan. We help keep your credit profile optimised without a credit perusal.

These are the primary advantages of instant loans for bad credit. It ensures no credit check and seamless lending, but on affordable norms only.

Are there any risks involved with poor credit loans?

Loans for low credit scores undoubtedly help individuals borrow the funds at the direst times. Poor credit results from pending debts in the credit report. Credit card debt can further affect the credit score drastically.

Individuals seeking urgent loans with poor credit history need to be mindful of a few things here:

  • High-interest rate loans

    A less-than-perfect credit score signifies the risk of lending loans to the borrower. Lenders evade the risk by offering loans at a high-interest rate. If you get quick loan approval on poor credit history, you will pay more interest on the loan.

    Solution: You need not worry as Quickloanslender provides poor credit loans at competitive interest rates assessing your situation. We ensure that the loan doesn’t hamper your budget and credit further.

  • Loans under unfavourable conditions

    Unlike loans with an excellent credit score, loans with a minimal credit history have stringent terms and conditions. The loan amount might not meet your expectations. Lenders provide short-term loans to meet unavoidable expenses to individuals with poor credit.

    Solution: If you want the exact amount, without waiting, we can help. We provide a near satisfactory amount to the borrowers on security. By putting up collateral or pricy possession, get the desired amount at a comparatively low-interest rate.

  • Missed payments affect credit score

    Unlike other loans, a poor credit loan is riskier in terms of repayments. When a borrower agrees with a lender, he signs off certain repayment conditions. He ought to meet the regular payments without a delay to avoid rising interest rates. Missing repayments can make the loan more expensive and negatively affect the credit score.

    Solution: Our Company identifies the personal situation and helps avoid defaulting on the loans by suggesting affordable repayment terms. These terms prevent borrowers from entering a debt trap and make repayments smoothly.

How to prepare before applying for loans with bad credit?

It is critical to do a little preparation on your behalf to secure loans with bad credit without any hassle. There are some simple things that you can do to get the loan approval:

  • Optimise the credit score

    Applying for an urgent loan on bad credit, analyse the pending payments in your credit report. Try paying off some debts. Lenders evaluate credit reports before granting the loan. If you have a low credit score, ensure no delinquencies or arrears.

  • Identify the income proof

    Individuals with unsatisfactory credit scores require providing convincing proof of making timely repayments. Before providing loans for people with bad credit, lenders try to evade the risk by giving an appreciative income bracket the same. Ensure to have a regular income source. If you lack one, you may not get the loan.

    If undergoing a partial unemployment phase, keep other documents ready. These may include- the spouse’s income source, income from benefits and grants, dividends, and retirement funds.

    Quickloanslender considers these income sources as well to provide the loan.

  • Calculate the monthly repayments

    If your debt repayments exceed your total income, you may not get the loan with bad credit in the UK marketplace. You must meet the minimal repayment criteria. Calculate the monthly payments and the income. If there is just a minimal gap, improvise on the possibility of an additional income source or a promotion.

  • Check the assets

    Assets help to confirm the loan approval on less-than-perfect credit. We help ease the interest rate on loans by providing borrowers with the flexibility to put up collateral to get the loan. Identify the assets you have and their value to put up for the loan.

How loans for poor credit improve your credit ratings?

Many individuals with lower credit profiles may believe that taking another loan may further affect their finances. This is true when a person takes out a loan for a higher amount than they can afford comfortably. In contrast, applying for loans for poor credit from direct lender can help improve the credit score.

Here is how you may benefit from loans with less attractive credit scores:

  • The quickest way to improve credit score

    Poor credit loans from direct lender are the best for those seeking to improve their credit score fast. These are short-term loans with relatively competitive interest. By meeting regular payments within the limited time frame, one can see drastic improvements in the credit score.

  • Paying-off previous debt

    The primary eligibility criterion for securing loans is- minimal delinquencies in the credit report. Before filing the loan, one prioritises paying off existing debts. Paying off high-interest-rate debts helps improve the credit rating quickly. High-interest loans are costly loans, and paying off these helps the credit profile.

  • Security on the loan

    To reduce the anxiety related to poor credit loans, some lenders, like us, provide the flexibility of securing the loan with collateral.

    Backing a loan with collateral not only makes the loan affordable but recovers credit score as well. The borrower makes the best attempts to pay off the loan quickly to win back the collateral.

    Quickloanslender provides loans for people with poor credit on personalised terms that help perfectly enhance one’s overall credit record.

Can i get short-term or long-term low credit loans?

There are multiple offerings for different credit circumstances. We offer a variety of low credit score loan offerings. Loans can mainly divide into- short and long-term loans. Both the forms have different purposes. Choose the right loan according to the purpose and the amount requirement.

Here is the difference between short- and long-term low-credit loans.

Short-Term Loan

  • Short-term loans last for just a year.
  • These loans do not require putting up collateral. One can secure the loan with minimal income proof and loan affordability.
  • One can borrow a limited amount as it is a short-term borrowing to meet immediate expenses.
  • Change the repayment plans in the middle of the tenure.
  • Interest rates are usually high on small loans.
  • One can get short-term loans quickly at a minimal soft credit check.

Long-Term Loan

  • Long-term loans are available for 20-30 years. One can spread the costs of repayments to avoid missing payments.
  • very-bad-credit-loans.php">Long-term loans on bad credit require one to put up collateral. It can be as a home, car, or other belongings. Security help eases the loan interest, and the lender secures the guarantee.
  • An individual can borrow a good amount for the long term. As it is a secured loan, the lender provides the desired amount to the borrower.
  • It has comparatively low-interest rates.
  • One can get a long-term bad credit loan after ensuring approval of certain criteria. It is a time-taking process.

A borrower can choose from these different bad credit score loans. The choice of the same depends on the urgency of the loan requirement. You can enquire about the loans by dropping a query on the platform.

How to borrow money with bad credit?

Securing direct lender loans for bad credit with us is quick. You need not leave the comfort of your home to get the loans. Just follow the steps below to borrow the money with bad credit:

STEP 1: Submit your application online

For submitting your bad credit loan online, just complete the required personal details like name, email, contact number, etc.

STEP 2: Get a call

Once you fill out the application, you will soon receive a call from one of our representatives. Clarify why you need a loan on bad credit urgently, providing the required documents online. Provide- identity proof, address proof, income proof, proof of other income sources- grants, spouse income, etc. You can get the loan approved within 5 minutes if you provide complete documents.

STEP 3: Analyse the loan proposal and confirm

Read the terms and conditions of the loan carefully before approving the loan. We keep the fees (if any) explicit in the document. Therefore, there aren’t any surprises.

STEP 4: Get the cash within 30 minutes

Once you are thorough with the terms and send your approval on the same, you get the cash within 30 minutes in your account. In this way, you can secure easy loans for bad credit in your account.


Get money in the bank quickly post the simple application process. The fast scanning and instant loan transfer bring us among the best direct lenders for bad credit in the UK. You may secure loans with poor credit with us. Still, can the same happen with very bad credit loans?

Will i get the same benefits on loans for very bad credit?

Bad credit and very bad credit loans seem interchangeable terms to individuals. The two differ from each other majorly on some parameters.

Similarities between bad credit and very bad credit loans

There are minimal similarities between the two.

  • The borrower may not get the loan from traditional lenders
  • Both loans are high-interest loans as compared to good-credit loan lending
  • One can get the credit regardless of the credit history

These are the parameters where bad credit and very bad credit loans stand equally.

Dissimilarities between bad and very bad credit loans

These loans are not similar entirely. If you already have bad credit, it is ideal for checking the below dissimilarities between the two.

Parameters Bad Credit Loan Very Bad Credit Loan
Credit score A credit score of 560-720 is considered a bad credit loan limit If you have a credit score below 560, you have very poor credit
Interest-rate High-interest rate with the possibility of lowering the same by putting up a collateral A high-interest rate loan without any flexibility.
Guarantor requirement No requirement for a guarantor on the loan The loan requires a guarantor on loan as the security of making the repayments. Putting up collateral would not suffice on a loan.
Amount One can borrow up to £15000 on the loan The amount is generally less than the bad credit loan
Risk factor Risky but affordable loan It is highly risky for the lender and borrower alike
Approval rate 89% approval rate with us Relatively low approval rate with unmanageable credit

If you need any help with adverse credit scores, you are already at the right place to get loans for very bad credit from direct lenders in the UK. Connect today for all your needs.


How to get a loan with bad credit?

If you want to get approval on a loan with bad credit, you can do the following:

  • Choose a moderate amount to borrow
  • Show income proof
  • Pay off some pending debts (it will help improve your credit score)
  • Check for errors in the credit report
  • Get a guarantor
  • Put up a collateral

How can I apply for a loan with bad credit?

The bad credit loan application process with Quickloanslender is the smooth one. To get the loan, you need documents - income proof, credit report, address proof, identity proof, income from grants, spouse’s income proof, etc. Here is how you can apply:

  • Step 1: Fill up the form online
  • Step 2: Get the call and documents check
  • Step 3: get the loan proposal mail and approve it
  • Step 4: Get the amount in the bank within 30 minutes

Where can I get a loan with bad credit?

Not every lender provides quick loans for bad credit in the Uk. Some specific lenders, like us, provide loans for bad and poor credit scores at minimal eligibility and according to individual affordability.

Is it too risky to borrow money with bad credit?

You can borrow money with bad credit by meeting the minimum eligibility criteria set by the lender. A soft credit check won’t affect the credit score. If you can find out such a deal, borrowing money with poor credit is not a risk at all.

I need a loan but have bad credit. What to do?

Do not worry. You can get a loan on bad credit. Just avoid using credit cards excessively and halt any expensive loans. Just fill up the query form, and Quickloanslender will manage the rest.