Alternative loans like Provident starting with the rate of 4.99%

Are you looking for loans like Provident Company was offering? This loan provider is no longer operational, but finding loans like their offer is not tough. They specialise in providing short-term financing options you can quickly obtain at Quickloanslender.

No matter if there are urgent payouts to cover and you have no funds in your cash reserve. Like Provident Personal Credit Company, we can offer you collateral-free loans right on time. We promise to give away fast decisions, which means there is no waiting to receive cash at the moment.

Here, you can find a perfect alternative to Provident payday loans. Get an income-based funding solution when you might have pending utility bills and school and college fees of wards to clear. You get complete liberty to manage unexpected medical expenses by securing an ideal loan offer in just three steps.

Online application

Round out the online loan form with the correct details. Select the loan amount and repayment term.

On-the-spot outcome

Fast processing of the loan request takes place after receipt of the application. Get notification at the earliest.

Cash disbursal in seconds

After approval, we will make sure that the loan amount is transferred to your checking account.

For options like Provident loans, apply online, and we will take care of the rest. Here, the steps are minimal, and the process is streamlined and less time-consuming.

What are loans like Provident?

These loans have the features of Provident loans in the UK. This financing option is designed to tackle short-term emergencies by getting approved as online cash. Any amount ranging from £1000 to £10000 is obtainable.

The repayment term should vary from 12 months to 60 months, depending on the amount you apply for. This term breaks down further to allow you to pay back in weekly, fortnightly or monthly patterns. First, evaluate how much you must apply online for the most suitable loan amount.

Here, someone who has already borrowed from us can speed up the process. We are familiar with their financial background, and thus, processing will take less time. New loan applicants need not worry too much as our processes are in sync with the quick processing mode.

They should also receive a quick decision based on their loan request. Getting same-day approval is also possible with us, provided you meet the eligibility conditions perfectly.

Can I expect to get features with doorstep loans like Provident?

Yes, our offerings resemble the attributes of Provident doorstep loans. One of the most exclusive features is the receipt of loans to your doorstep. Imagine a situation when you are running short on time.

There is no need to rush here and there as you can receive the loan at home. You can take advantage of the different features of these loans with us.

  • No bank account is needed

    A doorstep loan is a unique financing option that lets you get external funding without a bank account. In a typical borrowing process, you cannot think to go ahead without a bank account. However, your bank account is unnecessary since these loans deliver the approved cash at doorsteps.

    This feature ensures you can access loans even when you are not a bank account holder. One loan representative will collect your application and deliver approved funds to your home.

Why should we apply for unsecured loans?
  • Pre-approval facility

    How do you think getting an affordable loan amount is possible? No worries! Here, with these loans, you can apply for a free quotation. It will have the desired amount and repayment term.

    Keeping your preferences in mind, we will customise a loan proposal. You can refer to it to check the rate of interest. This is how pre-approval lets you confirm whether achieving an affordable amount is possible.

  • Get access to unsecured funds

    These loans fit any short-term necessity perfectly. Thus, collateral is unnecessary when you get loans to cover a trivial need and for a shorter span. However, you do not have to pay extra money for this purpose.

Loan rates are going to be realistic and distinct. It varies depending on the amount you choose and your present financial ability.

Is something like provident home loans available with bad credit?

From the borrower’s point of view, the term ‘bad credit’ is indeed scary. Having less-than-perfect-credit scores means limited or zero opportunities. Your history of late payments or defaults should not impact the approval of Provident loans for bad credit.

Mainstream lenders emphasise credit scores to evaluate the risk factors. You can experience a different thing with us as we do not see your low credit scores as risky. How do we deal with your bad credit history?

Instead of hard checks that can leave an imprint on your credit profile, we conduct a soft analysis. You can think of obtaining loans like Provident with no credit check with us.

Your affordability is one of the prime decisive factors for us. Soft checks are the only way to ascertain whether you can afford loan payments. We are also interested in seeing if you have applied for an affordable amount.

Efforts for credit improvement will be desirable. Responsible handling of ongoing bills will leave a good message about you.

How do provident loan alternatives work?

The working procedure is similar to that of loans like Provident and Greenwood. Zero to low documentation is required to get loans for any short-term purpose. Affordability checks do not take much time but can give clarity about the likelihood of repayment.

Since no hefty procedure is not pursued, you can receive an instant decision from us. We personalise the loan offer based on the loan amount that is very close to your preference. These loans do not impose any establishment fee.

Besides, you do not have to meet extra charges to be able to access the loan application. To understand the fee structure better, you can use the example given below.


You want to borrow £3000, which could be a repayment period of over 3 months. Supposedly, the interest charges are like £275.6. The total amount repayable from your end is £3275.6. Based on that, your monthly repayment would come out to £1091.86.

This is for your reference, but the actual offer might have different figures.

How can Quickloanslender be an alternative to Provident?

We are one of those loan companies like Provident catering to the short-term financial needs of the borrower. The biggest difference here is that we are still working. Our services are easy to approach because of our online presence.

There is more to our offerings.

  • 100% transparency: As a legitimate lender, we help our borrowers make informed decisions. For that purpose, we produce all the necessary information. We also let them get in touch with us at any time.
  • Speedy payout: We believe in providing quick-fix solutions to your financial problems. You can make the most of our speedy disbursal facility to complete urgent payments promptly.
  • Outstanding customer service: We are here to help when you have queries about our loan services. Our after-approval services are also accessible to you. Come back to us without any hesitation if repaying becomes difficult. We will try to figure out a midway.