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10 Unexpected Wedding Expenses to Prepare in Advance

Planning a wedding can get stressful because of the different expenses that can quickly derail your budget. You start with a long checklist trying to cover every aspect of the event. However, many unknown costs can surprise even the most detailed planners.

For these expenses, seasoned planners recommend having a line of credit available at all times. You can use the credit card or contact a direct lender such as QuickLoansLender to get instant credit. Nevertheless, it is essential to prepare yourself for these unexpected events to make sure the day is wonderful for the marrying couple.

Here, you will find a list of some unexpected expenses that may incur during your wedding.

1. Rentals for the Event

There are endless things to rent for the event that is easy to slip out of mind. Even your backyard is nothing more than an empty slate to build the whole setup. From food to electricity, almost every task will require some rented items to complete.

Start with the items in the running kitchen to make sure the food is not affected by the last-minute rush. There are many appliances, cords and permit from authorities when the electricity is supplied to space. In the end, you need to add some portable bathroom as well that may cost more if they are luxurious.

2. Gratuities

You should always tip the staff at the wedding for a job well done because of their limited income. They deserve it because of their hard work in making everything a success. Therefore, gratuities are one expense that remains unexpected till the very last.

It is not mandatory unless you have signed a contract with gratuities in it. It is advised to label the envelope with these tips in advance for different individuals. Some of them may not accept cash, such as photographer or wedding planner. You can give them a nice gift.

3. Transportation and Shipping

Your guests from different cities or states may not live near the wedding venue. Many couples have to organise the mode of transportation of them, generally a cab. Moreover, the vendors and servicemen may also require a vehicle to reach the destination with their stuff.

You must ask the guests before their arrival about their lodging and transportation. It is the perfect time to buy a car if you plan to buy it in the near future. Only the private lender may offer guaranteed car finance for the unemployed and people with a regular job.

4. Dress Alterations

An alteration in the wedding gown can mess up the timelines and budget of the wedding. It can create a panic situation for the bride because it could be the most important thing for her. You cannot afford a minor alteration to become a disaster on a special day.

You should always check the fitting of the gown the day gown is delivered to you. Try to send the perfect measurement for a custom gown for accurate fitting. It will help you save money over the last-minute alteration and may very well the whole wedding!

5. Hidden Fees

Some minor expenses are often procrastinated because of their low priorities. But they may have some serious consequences if the planners completely forget about them. These include wedding insurance, license, and gifts.

You must ask the favours of your loved ones in advance. They will have the time to plan for their unexpected duties or the service you requested. Make a list of the small expenses and additional fees for the rentals, trash removal, tips, and audio/sound.

6. Bad Weather

You cannot trust the prediction from the weather lady on the news for an important day like a wedding. The rain may very well ruin the beautiful setup for an outdoor wedding. Therefore, always prepare for a backup plan if the weather decides to mess the marriage.

You can rent some tents in case the weather near the wedding date is predicted to rain. The fancy tents are expensive and may put a dent in your budget. You may have to add some flooring as well to protect the footwear of your guest.

7. Room Block

The couple often spends an exorbitant amount to book a hotel for the guest. It hurts when you have to pay for the rooms that were never occupied. Some guests skip the wedding while others decide to stay at a different hotel.

You should ask the hotel for complimentary room blocks instead of contractual. They are cost-efficient since you don’t have to pay for the empty rooms. It is wise to spend some extra fees than rent for a few rooms.

8. Extended Hours for Photographers

Events like wedding often last longer than the anticipated time. It can take hours more, and no one wants to call the curtain on the show. However, many people working there are hired by hours, such as photographers and videographers.

You should always ask the price for the additional hours for the event. Moreover, you might have to invite them early for some shots after getting dressed up for the wedding. This will undoubtedly increase the decided budget.

9. Lighting the Event

Even the outdoor weddings in the afternoon will require some lighting in the venue. The event may last till the sunset or may wait for it to leave the space. Nevertheless, lighting arrangement is essential for a wedding setup.

A venue should have enough bulbs to cover the venue and while saving some for the spare. Some designer lights will enhance the visual appeal of the event.

10. Food and Drinks

There is no sure shot way to find the exact amount of food required for the event. Therefore, you must have a backup plan in case the caterers run out of original order. Also, eat during the day on the day before the wedding to avoid ordering overpriced food from the hotel.


In the end, you may still find some expenses unexpected even after adding items from the list above. Your companions need to provide the support to manage these situations. A wedding without these unforeseen events is very rare in the real world.